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Avengers: Infinity War

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All I can say is the whole theater was quiet when the credits hit. I was almost in disbelief myself.


Its crazy how many people died, including those that just got debut movies. Thanos won and then it ends. Crazy. But I'm really tired of the "You killed someone I love so now I'm irrationally mad to the point it's why the bad guy escapes/wins" trope. Its Starlord's fault in the end... and then Thor's for not going for the head.




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This was a much darker marvel movie compared to everything else they've done. At the end of the movie, everyone was quiet and when the credits started some kid in the back seeing the disney logo said all loud: "This was a Disney move!?" XD


I was not expecting so many characters to die off especially since I read weeks ago before that many movies are already slated to get sequels. How can there be a guardians of the galaxy 3 with just Rocket? Nah.. this is all going to be reversed some how. When Dr. Strange looked into a millions of possible outcomes from the future he saw one where they won. I'm guessing when he handed over the time stone to Thanos at that time, he was playing his role in that scenario. I watched some youtube videos and theories last night and what happened in the comics could easily happen in the movies because a certain character didn't get "dusted". I thought this movie might have been a 2 parter but since the title didn't say part 1 I figured everything would be concluded in this one movie.. but nope. It was a good movie overall. Thor and Spider-Man were the real focal point for me. That new Spider-Man tech suit was awesome and Thor went full god mode. lol. Surviving the power of a star incinerating him, only to moments later fighting Thanos's army and Thanos himself. Holy crap. That new axe/hammer is beastly especially since it can let him summon the bifrost at will now. The next movie will probably have some kind of redemption arc for Hulk. He got his ass kicked and refused to show up again.. wtf. Like a hermit crab hiding in his shell.



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