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The Last of Us Part II

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Oof, like 2 months before PS5 is rumored to come out. With full backwards compatibility it shouldn't be an issue... but here is to hoping that some of these final PS4 games get free texture package upgrades like Gearbox did for Borderlands 2 on PS4/XB1. With backwards compatibility the whole 'remastered' reselling of last gen hits would feel more like an insult than is already was.


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I never pre-order or buy games on launch anymore, but this will be the exception. I need this game. :D And I'm glad its not getting some bullshit "oh its really for PS5 now exclusively" because I don't know when I'll buy a PS5, but I wont be buying that at launch.

BTW, Last of Us is free with PS+ next month. If you haven't played it yet, I highly highly recommend it. If you do play it, one bit of advice, clickers will always one hit instant kill unless you have a shiv or shoot it from distance. Melee or try to strangle one of those and you will always die. Took me a while to figure that out. x_x You can technically stealth the entire game or go hard core guns blazing if you have the ammo.


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