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I so TOTALLY want to see it; I mean, David Tennent as Uncle Scrooge?  XD


Unfortunately, we got rid of our cable because we don't use it and Disney X D doesn't have a streaming option.   I even asked them and they said that I need to talk to my cable provider to add it on to my service.

Yesterday was the deadline for all complaints!


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I hate some of these channels online streaming options. I have cable and i love watching a bunch of shows on the CW channel. If I miss an episode because a basketball game preempts it I can watch the show on their website but if I load up the CW app on my roku stick I need to activate it with my cable account and even tho I pay to watch the channel my cable provider isn't in their list of approved providers for using the app. Wtf. But I can load their website and just watch it. It's the same with a few other channels streaming services. At that point I just download the show via a torrent. I'm already paying for the shows but I'm getting denied online access to them. And these companies wonder why ppl download their content illegally. They make everyone go thru hoops to watch a single episode when it takes 5 seconds to go to EZTV, select the show and click download. 4 mins later I'm watching the show.


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      Comcast dropped it's bid for the Fox properties. Looks like Disney will get all their comic character licenses back at this rate.
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      The Disney princess part at the end is great. I loved the first movie.
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      The season finale just ended this past monday. I started this series and gave it a couple eps. I almost dropped it, but by the third ep shit started going down and I got sucked into the plot. This was a surprisingly great series with excellent acting. Its so refreshing to see a 1 off series like this. I don't think there is going to be a season 2 and if there is it would probably ruin the experience. This played out like an anime in a sense. It started and finished the entire plot. There was no filler episodes and everything tied in together. I hope this inspires AMC to make more stand alone short series. Hell, I wish more of america tv would follow this direction instead of endless reality shows or drawing out a series so long that it gets canceled without a finale. This show proves its possible for US tv to actually give us a story in a complete season. Well done AMC.  I can only compare this to Stephen King mini series, except better. Now I wish all those old Stephen King mini series were actually given the full season treatment like this.
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      This is without a doubt the best thing I have seen on tv this entire year. 4 series in a massive justice league / captain America civil war style plot spanning 4 episodes and it was amazing. I really hope they make another crossover special next year. Superheroes versus the ultimate Nazis. The episodes are online if anyone wants to watch:
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      I watched the first 3 episodes of this tonight and I'm loving it so far. Unlike the movie where everyone is stuck in a grocery store, the bulk of the cast is trapped in a mall, while others are in a church or on the road trying to avoid getting killed. Spike has done a good job with this. Depending on how they treat this series it could be their own Walking Dead kind of show. No zombies needed here with the amount of monsters ready to kill everyone.