Detroit: Become Human

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When I first watch this trailer I thought it said "Hitman". So the entire time I watched it, I kept thinking he was going to kill that guy and then start murdering a bunch of people. XD The concept looks interesting, but I wonder if the game is being presented as a 'pick your own story' kind of game where every action you choose will result in a change in the plot for the rest of the game like a telltale game, or if the game is all about a few scenes like this one where the android replays the same scene over and over again in their head until the optimal solution is reached.


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I'm pretty sure its make your own story where scenes only resets on you "dying" or a pivotal part of the story dies like the kid. The differences will be in successful solutions. I'll probably get this game when it goes on the cheap, it looks cool, but not $60 cool for my tastes.

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