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Shadow of the Colossus (Full Remake PS4)

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I've seen this game mentioned plenty of times during the PS3 days as being amazing, but I never looked into it. I guess Shadow of the Colossus is actually a prequel to an old PS2 game called ICO and the sequel to that is the Last Guardian? I've never played any of them.


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I've never played this game, but I will pick it up. It has a pretty big cult following. There are people that still play this game to this day trying to find secrets. I watched a documentary video where a bunch of Colossi were cut from the original games because of the limited hardware and time constraints. A lot of hardcore fans are hoping at least some this content gets restored into this remake.



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God I've wanted to play this for so long I'm honestly happy it's being remade (ever since I saw Reign Over Me (great movie, Adam Sandler's character plays this to cope with the loss of his family) I've been obsessed with playing this game). Sucks the cut content won't be coming be put in but I'm fine getting the original.


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