Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

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I agree with Elliot from ETC on youtube, it's a Mass Effect movie that isn't a Mass Effect movie. It honestly looks good and if it wasn't for the fact this is based on a graphic novel I'd swear they stole Mass Effect's original story and added their own flair to it (seriously that body armor, all it needs is the N7 logo). I'll give it a shot considering this is being directed by the guy who did The Fifth Element and that's one of my favorite movies.


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Well its probably better that way, given the history of video game cinema. I thought I read a while back there was an ME movie in the works, but It wouldn't really work out since Shepard doesn't have a true set in stone gender or appearance. It does look pretty neat though. I never heard of it. I hope its more like Fifth Element than Lucy... I heard Lucy was pretty bad.


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