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I never saw On Stranger Tides, but I heard it was terrible. The 2nd one wasn't that good either. I thought it ended well with the 3rd and probably should have stayed that way. XD Maybe I'm just salty I never got closure here...




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The second movie wasn't the best, but the third did tie it all together nicely. The 4th movie was ok but Barbossa's role in the movie felt poorly written to me and his character was completely off character compared to the previous movies. It felt more like a filler movie to keep people reminded of the franchise until they made a new blockbuster or potential new trilogy. I think the guy in this trailer is the same one from the 4th movie that fell in love with a mermaid. If it is I don't see why they'd bring him back, his character was no Will Turner and was quite bland.

As for that clip... I love how she has M320 grenades strapped to her chest and no weapon that can actually shoot them. XD

Mario and Luigi would have to bust out their painted super scopes and help her murder some more goombas. XD


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Forgot to add the second part


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      It looks promising and a couple of the scenes look like they were taken right out of the game. Alicia Vikander looks like Lara Croft in that outfit, but shes a very small woman (height and muscle) in comparison to Lara Croft in the video game. I hope her physical performance is believable considering how many men she'll have to kill. To hell with the double guns tho. I'd rather see her using only the bow and climbing axe the entire movie.. and maybe an assault rifle. lol.
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      I loved this cartoon when i was a kid. The animation looks good, the music is great, the voice actors are a good match. I'll watch this.
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      I was under the impression that these movies have been getting filmed for about 3-4 years already.. and they'd start releasing a new Avatar movie once a year. But they're still casting roles!? Wow. At this rate I won't even expect Avatar 2 to come out in 2020. Also, I haven't seen this actor in much besides Fear the Walking Dead. While hes probably the best actor in that show (thats not saying much honestly), I don't see him doing well as a lead in a major movie franchise like this.
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      ohhhh.. Asgard has fallen? wtf?