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    • By Sledgstone
      Looks like a fun movie. I'm glad they're going to give the series an ending. Now we'll probably get a reboot of Resident Evil based on the game's plot in a few years.
    • By Myk JL
      It doesn't feel like a Resident Evil game. But its way better than Resident Evil 4. I think the only reason to why I played the demo was because I've permanently missed out on the PT hype.
      My dislikes for it however are
      It basically has the same ending that can happen in different rooms. You can't follow the other guy. Dummy Finger has no purpose. the idea of Ghosts being a part Resident Evil.  
    • By Sledgstone
      This is a pretty good bundle for Resident Evil games. The last one I played was RE4. More RE games might be added next week too.
    • By Sledgstone
      Anybody watching Z Nation? Its no Walking Dead, but this show is starting to make a fan out of me. Its like a Syfy zombie movie turned into a series with better acting and plots. The first 10 minutes of episode 3 got me laughing pretty damn hard after everybody on the road kept getting brutally murdered.
      If you haven't watched this yet, I recommend it. Just don't expect any kind of TWD quality.
    • By DeathscytheX
      In 2002, Capcom remade the PSX 1996 classic Resident Evil for the Gamecube with updated graphics, controls, and some extras. The series that defined the horror survival genre is now being upgraded to an HD format for next gen consoles and PC!

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