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I bought this game, expecting some mindless hack and slash fun. I honestly didn't expect to love it as much as I do. Despite all my technical gripes in my first impressions, just about everything else this game offers makes it easy to overlook. The story is over the top bizarre, but amazing. And is presented in a unique way that requires at least 3 play troughs to get the whole picture. I didn't understand the rave reviews about how awesome the story was until I just finished my last play through of it.

After your 3rd run through the story, you get chapter unlock to experiment with other endings. I accidentally ran into a random ending when I decided to not go to the next main quest immediately. The game cut to a black screen and told you something along the lines "While on you're carefree walk, everyone died... the end" XD It was so sudden, and a little irritating at first because it didn't save the weapons and upgrades I had just purchased... but funny none the less. From what I can see, there are really 4-5 different serious endings, and the vast majority are either like the one I just mentioned or joke endings.

I will say this story had a lot of balls to do what they did in play through 3. The first two are pretty similar with varying differences as they are from 2B and 9S's perspectives of the same events. The 3rd go around takes place after the end of that, and swaps you around to different characters seamlessly.


I mean you play as 2B and watch her grow from a cold indifferent character to someone that cares and has emotions, only to watch her die brutally in the first 10-20 minutes of play through 3. Especially after she called 9S "Nines" in her dying breath. Then you go on to watch 9S slowly go insane from his completely misplaced hatred of A2. Don't get me started on Pascal. These are characters, you really grow to like, and they all get fucked over in savage fashion. Kudo's to the devs for placing an ending that isn't so cliche and happy.

I'd say my biggest gripe is how the Pods are shit. All their special attacks look cool, but they don't do any noticeable damage, and even after upgrading 1 and looking at its next upgrade, it doesn't seem to make a difference. To require such a grind for them seemed silly. Their best ability was the shields that block projectiles and melee attacks as those had the biggest use. Plus the weapons, while cool never were better than your starting blades once fully upgraded. Which is sad, the gauntlet weapons looked great, but the DPS wasn't justifiable.

My favorite part of this game was the bosses... they were bat shit crazy. Hack and Slash was always one of my favorite genres and I'd like to see it make a big comeback. Square Enix and Platinum proved these types of games can have a soul. I didn't think I'd like the multi-play through style, but it really worked for this game. It's truly the underrated game of this year. 

EDIT: After all said and done, I put about 35 hours into this game.


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Basically, don't buy this for PC. Pretty sad. PC will always have the best visuals and game prices, but it will never have all the best games... and it seems devs always favor the console version the most when its a multiplatform release.


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