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Agents Of M.AY.H.E.M. (Saints Row)

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1 hour ago, DeathscytheX said:

Looks interesting... funny how they kept the purplish theme to give it a semi-Saints Row feel. It def looks inspired by the 3rd game, but you're probably right that it doesn't tie into anything.

I just doubt AOM ties into any particular game like Gat Out Of Hell or Red Faction. The purple is there, a Fleur De Lis (like) symbol is there, & at 3:53 Ultor is there with what may or may not be Dane Vogel.


Maybe the graphics are throwing me off but both Gat Out Of Hell & AOM have female characters named Brimstone.




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The video looks fun, I laughed when that stunt double vaporized. XD I skimmed through the FAQ on the site and its even more interesting now. Its a brand new game engine and we can freely swap between the 3 agents in the squad. So I'm guessing this will be a single player campaign and an AI will control the other characters in your party like a RPG.



While Agents of Mayhem is part of a larger Saints Row Universe, this is a brand new IP with a focus on a new cast of characters, new gameplay, and a new open world. We do have a few surprises in store for Saints Row fans that we’ll be revealing at a later date!




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