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Ghostbusters - Reboot

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Heres both of the trailers:




The first trailer doesn't make much sense with that "30 years ago" part at the beginning. This movie is a full reboot and not a sequel, so those events from 30 years ago never happened in this time line. This movie looks like it could be fun, but something seems a bit off with it. Aside from casting all women, it feels like a rehash of the original property without giving it something really new to focus the reboot around. The new weapons could be cool.


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It looks like it could be funny but I'm with you, something seems off about it. Plus casting Thor as the clueless secretary is just wrong (I get it, he's eye candy for the all the ladies but come on). The new weapons do look cool though.

They fucked up with the marketing for that first trailer, the director himself has admitted it. I think they were trying to draw in the fans of the old series with it but completely dropped the ball with it. It makes it look like a sequel when it's obviously a reboot.


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      The Disney princess part at the end is great. I loved the first movie.
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      Looks like aliens are terraforming the planet and making monsters at the same time, which is a combination of awesome to me.
      Now for a brief rant.. The tv commercials were better than this trailer. In the commercials it looks like she is the pro going in to figure out wtf is going on, but in the trailer she's only going in to save her husband because Hollywood still doesn't think a female character can actually have professional motivation to do shit on their own without attaching a man to the woman's goals. 
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