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Dear god, why couldn't we have gotten our hands on Legion (I'm sorry, Mech sized mini-gun trumps all) and where the hell was Ronin (my god I want that Titan, plays exactly into my style of gameplay). Northstar looks fun but I've never really been a fan of missiles in mech based games (I consider them to be noob weapons because they're so easy to use. Before we jump all on me I understand that Legion's mini-gun could be considered a noob friendly weapon as well). Gotta admit that the other 4 Titans would definitely be worth giving the game another shot but the multiplayer, while fun, is sorely lacking based on what we got to experience in the Alpha. I'd really like to see a more polished beta come out before the game launches but I get the feeling we won't get one unless they push the game back (which saddens me, I really want to get my hands on Ronin and Legion).


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