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This was on HBO GO so I gave it a shot. Fimmel was just Ragnar with more hair. XD He uses the same accent or at least lets it slip often. The CGI doesn't hold up well on the small screen, it looks like a Triple A game. The RTS style camera angles for some of the battle scenes was a subtle tribute. I'm not a lore nut, so I can't comment on how accurate or inaccurate the story held up to the original game. Overall it was enjoyable, but not enjoyable enough to have paid to see at the theater IMO.


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Lmao. I've watched so many movies and forgot to come back to these topics and post about it. ^_^; Warcraft was a fun movie. I've seen it a few times now. Not the best plot but the environments and cg all looked good. Fimmel really was just like Ragnar. Lol. I was expecting him to at least sound a bit different but it showed that he came right off the set of Vikings. XD the ending sucked as it lead up to a potential sequel that probably won't happen. I read a while back that a sequel could still happen because the movie apparently did really well in China.


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