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This is the worst costume ever.. Apocalypse was this huge all powerful monster of a guy that is over 5000 years old, found and imbued his body with ancient alien technology and is basically an immortal beast.. and in this movie, he is obviously a small human with Ivan Ooze makeup. This could have been epic.. but instead its a horrible mess. XD


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      Comcast dropped it's bid for the Fox properties. Looks like Disney will get all their comic character licenses back at this rate.
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      A "More Mature" audience. lmao. Power Rangers is a childrens property that has been so over-saturated with reboots and recasts that the property should be laid to rest at this point.
      Elizabeth Banks will be Rita Repulsa and she looks like she just left a Mortal Kombat tournament.

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      Apocalypse just doesn't look impressive to me. :\
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      This movie looks far better than the previous X-Men movies Fox has made. They should have started off with Sentinels in the first movie. I'm glad they're finally making a decent X-Men movie, but I wish Fox would just sell the property back to Marvel. Two things that throw me off in this trailer.. the sentinels look cool at first, but they seem to lack a lot of detail. Also.. Quicksilver is in this movie and he will also be in the new Avengers 2 movie. Maybe Fox leased Quicksilver from Marvel? I'm very surprised to see the same character will be used in different movies.