Star Wars: Battlefront

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Here is the trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront! Available 11/17/15!


While it looks pretty cool, its clearly prerendered with the game engine. I highly doubt you will be able to navigate the trees with the speeder bikes much less a big ass AT-AT. If its not prerendered, then it is taken from the scripted campaign. The shield generator is a relief. At least you will have some type of defense against the AT-AT/AT-STs.

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That has to be prerendered footage because I'm pretty sure there is no way you'll be able to control a speeder like that in a heavily wooded area like that. Game looks great though and that practically sold the game to me. Plus, don't get me wrong games this generation look beautiful, there's no way the game is going to keep that type of graphical awesomeness going during in-game battles (even on a console, BF4 looks amazing but it suffers from graphical glitches and hiccups).


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Damn this game looks good. And it's about time they made a game that isn't being released on and constrained by 9 year old console hardware.

No solo campaign. ;_; but Co-op should be a great alternative. I loved the co-op missions on bf3 more than it's campaign and I'm glad we'll be getting that with battlefront.


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