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Vikings Season 3 Discussion (spoilers of current episodes)

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Floki is still my favorite character. Viking culture is portrayed pretty as brutal for women. Ragnar is a whore, Floki can't deal with love/happiness, and Bjorn is deeply in love but it will be interesting to see his evolution as Ragnar admonishes his choices


Lagertha has her own agenda, but at the same time she is getting screwed by her supposedly most trusted friend. She even is interested in him, asking him why he won't offer himself for marriage. It will be interesting to see if Ragnar or Ecbert wins her over first. Ragnar clearly doesn't love Aslaug. He is only interested in having sons. His heart still loves Lagertha, but Princess Kwenthrith is obviously a horn dog like Rangar and I expect them to hook up.



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Last week's ep wasn't that bad, but I didn't care much for the emphasis for the King's daughter in law's (i forget her name) infatuation with Athelstan. This episode tho.. It looks like Ecbert wasn't lying about "sowing the seed" lol. XD


Poor Porunn, that woman got her face blasted. O_O


This wanderer.. he shows up and tells a story, but ends up admitting that it wasn't him and that the story was from the perspective of Thor.. but that he was there in the room and witnessed it. So is he implying that he might be Odin? Who else could be in the same room with other gods? Or maybe he is a magician.. he cured Ivar's pain, perhaps he passed that pain to those 2 kids and used them as sacrifices because he knows how important Ivar will be as an adult.


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      The season finale just ended this past monday. I started this series and gave it a couple eps. I almost dropped it, but by the third ep shit started going down and I got sucked into the plot. This was a surprisingly great series with excellent acting. Its so refreshing to see a 1 off series like this. I don't think there is going to be a season 2 and if there is it would probably ruin the experience. This played out like an anime in a sense. It started and finished the entire plot. There was no filler episodes and everything tied in together. I hope this inspires AMC to make more stand alone short series. Hell, I wish more of america tv would follow this direction instead of endless reality shows or drawing out a series so long that it gets canceled without a finale. This show proves its possible for US tv to actually give us a story in a complete season. Well done AMC.  I can only compare this to Stephen King mini series, except better. Now I wish all those old Stephen King mini series were actually given the full season treatment like this.
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