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    • By Sledgstone
      I finally got around to finishing Wolfenstein: The New Order last night. The plot was good and the overall experience was great. Well worth the $7 I got the game on sale for during a PSN sale. Dual wielding weapons seemed a bit pointless for most of the game until you get to the last areas and it becomes pretty vital. The officers in the game could call in reinforcements so it was best to kill them first. After you get an upgrade you can detect their communications signals and it encourages you to play a bit of a stealth game to kill them off first and then sweep up the rest of the enemies afterwards. Sneaking around thru some duct work and access passages to throw a knife in the back of some guy's head or use a silenced pistol was pretty damn fun. But the real fun of this game is to go full guns blazing and destroy everything in your path. I died so many times doing that in the second part of the game. lol. Some enemies have some extremely strong metal armor on and take quite a beating. I was a fan of the original Wolfenstein and even though this felt like a completely different game from the original (thats actually a good thing tho. Nobody wants 8-bit fps games now. ), it was very enjoyable. I thought this would be a WW2 game, but aside from the beginning, the game actually takes place in the aftermath of the war in which the Nazi's won. The Nazi weaponary in this timeline heavily borrowed from Nikola Tesla. The Tesla grenade was good, but my favorite weapon the Laserkraftwerk was the best. Throughout the game you keep finding upgrades for it too.
      I still need to play Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, the stand alone DLC game. Its a prequel that takes place during WW2, so I know there will wont be a laser gun in it for me, but I'm sure I'll find some other favorite weapon.
    • By DeathscytheX
      Prison Of Elders - What is it?

      Prison of Elders - Rewards

    • By Sledgstone
      At least we're getting something for our troubles.
    • By Sledgstone

      The new weapons and gear seem cool. I wish the game would emphasize more on the plot and new locations. I was hoping to see a new world shown in this trailer, but it doesn't. Instead it looks like they added some more missions to the earth and the moon and added 1 strike and a raid that I'll probably never complete. But at least there is all new raid gear for the hard core players. I'll definitely play this when it comes out to see how the new story missions are but I wish they would add match making to the raids and weekly missions tho to make the game a bit more enjoyable.
    • By DeathscytheX
      It will be a while before I get to this one. Too many things coming out tomorrow. GTA V and the next episode of GW2 Living World.