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The DIvision for the most part is a solo based game. Hell you can even go into Dark Zones by yourself if you're feeling brave. They've said more then a few times that the whole story/campaign can be played by yourself and was designed to be that way. Multiplayer is pretty much for Dark Zones only as when you're playing the story you are in your own instance (similar to the system used for Class Story missions in The Old Republic, no one else can enter it unless you are partied with them). Dark Zones however put you into a public server where anyone who is in that DZ can see you and attack you or help you depending on how they want to play it. They've never really said how long the "story" of the game is but since it's being made in the vein of an MMO you're probably looking at 10-15 hours of story with more to come in future expansions/dlc. I'm sure they're discounting it to generate more interest in it or to help those, like you, who are skeptical of the game. If you spend $40 on it you won't be so pissed if it sucks unlike those like me who dropped $90 on the Gold Edition of the game or those who dropped $180+ on the Collector's Edition. Ubisoft is generally really good about releasing quality games and you usually get what you see in trailers and gameplay videos (hell look at Siege, that game is exactly how it was marketed and I have yet to hear any negative things about it besides the usual balance tweaks being needed and what not). Watch Dogs is probably the only real title I've seen them release that wasn't exactly what we were promised.


I'm still skeptical about FFXV. While it looks pretty that combat system still bugs me and I honestly don't have the time to invest 60+ hours into another game (I'll probably still be play DA: Inquisition and MGSV when it releases). Based on reviews from reputable sources I may buy it but I will not pre-order it.


Since AC7 is taking place in the Strangereal universe I'll definitely be buying it now.


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