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I never used focus because I didn't need it. They could have learned from Red Dead Redemption on how to do that better. I liked the stealth driving missions, but the prison mission was a pain in the ass, I didn't have an issue with the Bedbug or Sister missions.



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Focus wasn't really necessary in the game but I did take advantage of it earlier in the game to take out multiple enemies with head shots at once with my m1911 silenced pistol. It was also fun to turn on focus so I could lob multiple grenades into an area precisely. The explosions I got were great. XD

Speaking of explosions. IEDs and proximity IEDs were the most useful item for me. Even during missions where you're not supposed to be spotted. Somehow IED explosions never made the enemy call in reinforcements.

That prison mission did annoy me.. and in the end it seemed kind of pointless. The bed bug and sister missions were easy. But I cheated on the sister mission. I exited the cameras and killed everyone. XD


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