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Hes right about the pre-order crap thats going on nowadays. I'm glad gamestop cleared up their position about the pre-order exclusive DLC development issue. But Alien Isolation having the cast of Alien as a separate DLC as a pre-order is ridiculous. If they are a separate DLC then I have no interest in even buying the game. Seeing how bad aliens colonial marines was, I doubt anyone would buy this new alien game and then the company has the balls to tell everyone to pre-order it to play with the actual characters that should be in the base game. And we still haven't seen any gameplay video of what the game even looks like yet! Thats bullshit.


I pre-ordered Watch Dogs a week or so before it came out.. I didn't even play the DLC mission I got. The ATM Hack boost was ok, but there was no real benefit for me with pre-ordering it. I also pre-ordered Destiny because I actually played it. I knew I'd enjoy it so I went with the limited edition because it might actually sell out. There are so man pre-order bonuses for Assassins Creed and Far Cry that I'm glad I don't play either of those games. I passed on the pre-order bonuses for Saints Row 4 too. I figure by the time I want to play it, I'll buy it in a complete collection the includes all the DLC and pre-order dlcs. After my experience with choosing what retailer to buy Watch Dogs from for which specific pre-order bonus that I want, I've lost alot of interest in pre-ordering games now. The bonuses are mostly pointless and only saves a brief amount of game time or its a skin or side mission that has no impact on the total experience of the game.


That google self driving car video was hilarious. XD


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My preorder days are most likely over. I use to preorder too many games to the point I'd have no money for other stuff. Those days massively reduced when I scrapped most T Rated Games. Then reduced again once my God Of War Collection was no longer complete thanks to Sony making Ascension. If it weren't for PS4 & Xbox One I'd still be willing to preorder without really thinking about it.


Saints Row 5 & Elder Scrolls 6 I already know I'm going to buy on Steam. But when I do it's be the complete versions anyway. The only thing I thought was lacking from that video was when preorder DLC you want comes with preorder DLC you don't want. Part of me wanted The Imperial Edition of Elder Scrolls Online. But I ultimately decided not to because I didn't want The Rings Of Mara. And I rather not hold onto something that would imply I was looking for an online relationship.


I liked how their was gunfire at Google's HQ in the year 2525. Though I'm kind of shocked it would take that long for the car to get there.

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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