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New Intense Dying Light Gameplay

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From what I've seen, day and night cycles are real time, but I'm sure they are accelerated to make it difficult to complete any mission before sundown. The first demonstration took part mostly in the day time... it looks like the sun moves across the sky pretty fast.


This mission is either only available at certain parts of the day, its a part of the story that goes to a cut scene and then loads you into a certain time of day, or they just picked it close to nightfall for effect... I doubt that is the case because a lot of people would take the easy road and wait for morning to start every mission. I'm sure the game will force you to venture out close to nightfall a lot.



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Hopefully they're making it so you can't wait till morning. Keep your guard up during the night Then maybe you sleep during the morning when it would be safest to do so.


Or have a way to defend yourself all night. Then if you do a morning mission you're kind of exhausted already & need to get the mission done before you pass out in the afternoon.

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Unless the game takes place solely in that one human encampment, he'll have to get some new outposts for night safety or some means of nighttime defense or every mission will end with running back to the safety of the base because the sun went down. I'm sure there will be more to the game than that tho, or it'd get repetitive too quick.


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