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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (spoilers)

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Damn Strider XD. I payed for 3 months and marathoned through Sith Warrior.... When I get the urge I'll probably buy 3 more months and play through as a Jedi. Paying for a whole year is something I cannot justify because I know a lot of that money will go to waste while I dont play it... but I like getting sprint and the speeder early as well as having relics and all crew skills.



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Meh, I got sidetracked with Neverwinter and Star Trek Online when my internet was crappy (only because they're F2P) and now I'm addicted to FFXIV: ARR so I rarely get the chance to get on and play it. Plus I honestly just don't see what I liked about the game to begin with anymore. It's fun and the single player story is awesome but after playing FFXIV I just can't bring myself to grind out those last 9 levels on my Assassin. I'll most likely be cancelling my sub this month, money's tight and the new Humble Bundle has me drooling so much I can't stand it (can use the money I save from cancelling the sub and buy me some Sid Meier goodness).


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