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Anyone else watching the current season of Psych? I loved the bigfoot episode that was filmed Blair Witch Style. That was probably the funniest episode they have ever made. The Clue style ep was also great.. but the episode that just aired tonight with Lassiter's wedding..


Juliet now knows Shawn is a fake... That he is nothing but a liar. I felt so bad for her. He should have told her way back, especially before they actually became an item. I couldn't imagine being in a serious relationship and holding onto such a major secret.

I'm surprised they didn't save this for the season finale.


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He was going to tell her after she broke up with that guy, however she said she couldn't forgive a liar, which stopped him


Love how this show blends great humour, action and drama/story so seamlessly


cant wait to see what happens


Bruce Campbell: '' This place has more security then the Batcave ''

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That kills me though.. she said she couldn't forgive a liar, but ended up hooking up with that guy in the end. After that, I assumed Shawn would have been more inclined to come clean to her sooner rather than later.. especially considering they've been together for about a year at this point and he even contemplated proposing to her.


I have a feeling their relationship is over.. at least for now. And theres a good chance Lassiter might shoot Shawn for hurting Juliet's feelings.. hell, he hooked himself up to a lie detector just to emphasize that fact. XD


I love this show. lol. The action and drama is just secondary to me. I love the humor in it.


Gus: "I'm so hungry, I'm seeing floating protozoa."


lmfao. XD


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      Anyone remember the game "Pandemic" when we had our old flash games arcade? I made plenty of viruses and other diseases in that game and the only countries that ever survived were the ones that closed down the airports and borders early to prevent the disease from ever entering the country. With the US media sending people over to the inflicted countries and allowing other people to return to the US from these countries is one of the worst ideas I've ever seen. If that game is a hint as to what could happen in real life, the US is already f*cked. x_x
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      This is the video they made a few days before the announcement:
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