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Scientists Find Lost Continent

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Scientists have found proof of a sunken continent in the Indian Ocean. According to a study published in Nature Geoscience, the continent "was separated from Madagascar and fragmented into a ribbon-like configuration by a series of mid-ocean ridge jumps during the opening of the Mascarene ocean basin."

Its name is not Atlantis, though. According to the team's investigation, it existed between India and Madagascar before it was lost to the ocean "between 83.5 and 61 million years ago."

The researchers came to this conclusion after finding zircons "more than 1,971 million years old" on the beach of Mauritius:

The zircons were assimilated from ancient fragments of continental lithosphere beneath Mauritius, and were brought to the surface by plume-related lavas.

They used this information and plate tectonic reconstruction to map the continent, which was a slice of land that they called Mauritia. According to the scientists, Mauritius and the Mascarene Plateau "may overlie [this] Precambrian microcontinent," located 6.2 miles under the surface.






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I agree with you on that. Its the only 'sunken continent / country' myth I've ever heard of. And here is a sunken continent. I'm interested if someone will compare the size and location of this continent with the positions of the continents at the time in which it sank and what the topography might have been like. Also, madagascar has some rare life on it... I can only imagine that this continent could have been populated by multitudes of unique species.


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I want to see pictures of it. It's crazy we know little of what's at the bottom of the ocean throughout the Earth. 

I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do.

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