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Harrison Ford to return as Han Solo!

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According to El Mayimbe over at Latino Review (via Ain't it cool news), Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movies! According to El Mayimbe, he is to return as Han Solo in the upcoming movies and that is plural! This news implies that the new movies will take place years after the original trilogy and possibly focus on Han and Leia's jedi children. Seeing as Harrison Ford is 70 years old, I'm assuming his adult children will be played by actors in their 30s. Whether or not Disney/Lucasfilms will base any of these movies off the novels is still up in the air, but if they did, then they might take place after the The New Jedi Order series.

Of course there is always a possibility that Harrison Ford could reprise his role as a young Han Solo thanks to Lucasfilm's CGI team, but as a voice actor I don't see that happening. Harrison Ford sounds noticeably different now compared to his earlier years, so it looks like he will play his older self in the new movies.

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Shia better not be in any star wars movie. Unless he is in one scene and dies a horrible death without saying a word. :nod:


I thought it was a 'MAY' return to Star Wars, if he's really on board it's pretty cool news.


It still is unconfirmed. It all based upon what El Mayimbe is claiming. But he apparently has good sources and has had a proven track record for getting scoops on movie news.


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