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G4 To Be Rebranded As The Esquire Network On April 22nd

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Oh man that is horrible. This completely reminds me of when G4 bought TechTV. I used to watch TechTV all the time back in the day.. then G4 bought it and rebranded the channel into G4TV. Aside from the occasional episode of X-Play, TechTV was ruined for me. I've never read the Esquire magazine and rebranding the channel into it makes me think they will now try to compete with what SpikeTV tried to be. I don't see it working out all too good for the channel. But then again if they put WWE wrestling on it like Syfy did, they'll get an audience. -_-


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If the new Hogan Knows Best that has become TNA Wrestling gets worse ratings maybe they can get that once Spike TV dumps it.


In full honesty I expect despite rebranding it'll be mostly repeats of Cops & that show called Cheaters or whatever it was about people breaking up.


I loved ZDTV / Tech TV & could never get enough of Screen Savers & Game Spot TV / Extended Play / X-Play. Heck I'm looking at the former Tech TV shows & can't believe I forgot about Big Thinkers.

Municipal Broadband > Title II Net Neutrality

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