Playstation 4 to cost $430!?

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I hope the lower end PS4 will only be missing out on extra hard drive space and extra peripheral.


Orbis is also following the path first set by Xbox Live: our source says "most" of the PS4's online features will require a premium subscription to use. Sony's new online service will be called PlayStation World, our source says, replacing PlayStation Plus

Looks like Playstation will have its own version of xbox live now.


I don't think it would make sense for PS World to replace PS Plus. Granted PS World is probably exclusive to PS4. But if that means PS4 can't access PS Plus then there's no need for me to get a PS4. Because PS Plus on my PS3 not only gets me "Free Games" with a $50 yearly fee but has recently given more options in PS Home.


Though the new update to PS Home last Wednesday is still pretty buggy.

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