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Script for Nicolas Cage's cancelled 'Superman Lives' surfaces

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I read that entire page.. wtf were they thinking with that horrible script.. And Nic Cage would have been superman for only half the movie? and then some other guy with superman S shurikens.. wtf. That throwable S does sound alot better than the old cellophane S. :P


The next day, Clark walks to work, and surreptitiously helps people on the way –- he drags a bus about to hit a guy to a stop, he moves a tired delivery boy's papers, and –- I can barely believe I'm about to type this –- he cooks the raw meat a homeless woman is eating from the garbage with his heat vision. That's right. Clark sees a woman eating garbage out of a garbage can, and his solution is to heat up her goddamn food.


wtf. XD


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