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A Flood of Suits Fights Coverage of Birth Control

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A Flood of Suits Fights Coverage of Birth Control


In a flood of lawsuits, Roman Catholics, evangelicals and Mennonites are challenging a provision in the new health care law that requires employers to cover birth control in employee health plans — a high-stakes clash between religious freedom and health care access that appears headed to the Supreme Court.


Health insurance via employer IS NOT FREE. You pay into the pool every pay check. Some people use all of their insurance benefits, some people use it sparingly ie annual exams and sinus infections. Either way its none of their employers fucking business what they do with the benefits they are working and paying for.


Your religious freedom ends where it begins to infringe on the rights and well being of another. Denying someone family planning options because you're a religious asshole should not only be illegal, but it should be looked down upon with such disgust by society at large that these asinine denials will not happen anymore.


The cold hard facts are that a woman needs to be able to control her fertility to obtain a decent education and get somewhere in their field of employment. Unplanned, unexpected pregnancies lead to dropping out of school and/or the work force.They lead to financial problems due to the cost of pre/postnatal care of the mother and the addition of another to feed, clothe, house etc. Pregnancy is physically dangerous to the health/life of the mother in some cases and every woman goes through psychological changes during and after pregnancy. Post partum depression kills women and their infants sometimes too. Having a baby is not the easy peezy rosy happy bullshit they show you on tv and movies.It physically, psychologically, financially and socially changes the life of the woman becoming mom. Its a big fucking deal and things work out for the better for everyone when women can choose when the time is right for her to enter motherhood.


This "I'm not paying for your birth control, contraception is a sin, if you don't want to get knocked up don't fuck so says my gawd!"  crap is pretty sick at its root, just look at it, especially after what you just read above. I'm not paying for your birth control or even though you are contributing and your health plan is for you I remain in charge of what you can have. Contraception gives women control over their fertility and removes them from the ranks of chattel. Abstinence doesn't work for everybody nor should it have to.We should not be ashamed of our biology or the want to control our own bodies. Your gawd is yours, not mine and none of my business. Forcing someone else to live by your religious doctrine is religious persecution d bag. This isn't about contraception, this is about contraception giving women more if not total control of their own fertility and thus their lives. Dogma and patriarchy have been married since the get go. This bullshit needs to stop for the sake of all humanity.  








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Here are a variety of links to stories that explain through studies how women who are denied abortions end up on public assistance. As far as I'm concerned it is much better for our overall economy for women to have access to birth control to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And even if there are unwanted pregnancies it is still more feasible economically for women to have access to abortions.




According to an ANSIRH presentation of preliminary findings to the American Public Health Association this year, both groups of women had similar economic circumstances prior to seeking abortions. One year later, however, 76 percent of women who had been denied abortion were on public assistance, compared to 44 percent in the group who had undergone abortions. In addition, 67 percent who had not had abortions were under the poverty line, compared to 56 percent in the abortion-receiving group. Only 48 percent of those who had not terminated their pregnancies were working full-time, compared to 58 percent in the cohort who received abortions. The vast majority of women who did not abort kept their babies.









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