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Myk JL

Elder Scrolls Online!

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I think I'll be getting a new PC sooner rather than later! Because from what I've read its PC & Mac exclusive.


(Or maybe I should switch to Mac & get rid of my PC Games.)


I'm hypothetically looking forward to being a Male Khajiit in Fur Armor aligned with the Lion.


I may also be hypothetically be looking forward to getting my face chewed off by a Female Argonian in Leather Armor aligned with the Dragon.... When I say....

  1. I'm looking for tail! Are you looking for tail?
  2. You can steal my heart because its actually a sweet roll!
  3. Our armor types practically make us nude!
  4. We have so much in common by exaggerating what we are.
  5. You would've made Godzilla's 1998 awesome!
  6. I was once less perverse like you but then I took an arrow to the knee....

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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