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Myk JL

What If The Dream Cast Had Won?

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My view based on the following article.

If Dream Cast had won base on having a DVD Player, Game Cube would have lost. And Nintendo would have pulled out of gaming completely selling off their franchises. Here's my guesses on what would happen if one of the other 3 bought these franchises.

  • Microsoft - Like Rare the franchises die a horrible death. MS makes the bad choice of turning Samus into a man. And MS accidentally cancels a Halo game when confused by which Green Wearing Character With 0 Personality is being canned. Link is however brought back when MS thinks Crackdown would make a better fantasy game. Its met with confusion as Link now looks like a steroid using junkie who watches football.
  • Sony - Star Fox gets as much attention as Sly Cooper. Krystal is later used to promote Blu Ray. Link & Zelda appear in a remake of Ico & later back in their very own Legend Of Zelda franchise. White Knight Chronicles gets canned when it just can't compete with Link.
  • Sega - Mario remains rivals with Sonic as each has sided with the others enemies. The whole thing has been broken down into Nature Vs. Humans.

Nintendo goes into space exploration which is met with bad jokes when their first rocket is named Wii.

Dream Cast 2 with HD DVD

Microsoft still makes the choice to have HD DVD as an Add On. However Dream Cast 2 has it built in. As a result Xbox 360 ends up in 3rd place. While HD DVD & Blu Ray war continues non stop.

Microsoft pulls out of the console war.

They cite that PC Gaming is far superior. But there real reason isn't just being in 3rd but the fear of Valve's Steam on Mac could damage them even more. MS eventually allows their games to be playable on PS3 & DC2.

Netflix starts the future console war.

In the future Netflix buys out the companies like OnLive. Their view being that both Blu Ray & HD DVD are dead. Sony now makes their movies exclusive to PS4.

Sega drops out of the console war

Not able to compete with Netflix or make an exclusive movie offers like Sony, Sega drops out. One of the other major flaws being how bad Sonic games have gotten over the years. They still however make video games for Sony's & Netflix's OnLive services.

What are your views? (Beside your view being my view sucks)

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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