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    • By Sledgstone


      Well, holy shit. If they get this working, It'll solve the predicted global helium shortage as well as producing massive amounts of energy. Win / Win.
    • By Sledgstone
      [ame=]YouTube- A Peek Inside the Bloom Box[/ame]
      Click on the first link to see the other video with the full 60 minutes article.
    • By Sledgstone
      I can't wait until this is a fully viable energy solution. If they can condense down a fusion reactor to a smaller size, everyone could have their own power source for their houses or even their cars. Could you imagine never having to fill up a gas tank or recharge a battery again? I wouldn't be surprised if car companies are working on electric only cars just for the day when small fusion engines are made. Once that happens all the car companies with electric cars will be able to just drop the new reactor engine in and they'll be good to go.. and all the car companies with only gas or flex fuel engines will struggle their asses off to catch up.
    • By Sledgstone,0,4241742.story
      Click the link to see the rest of the article (on page 2) and to see a quick video.
      Now planes and cars can be lighter, so they'll use less fuel, but also have improved strength and durability. And of course, the military applications are probably huge too.