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pics n vids of you

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so as I'm sittin here goin crazy trying to make the next ac fest vid

good somebody's lord the footage I have of the dancing alone....might have ta be another private vid! ....

Bohemian rhapsody you guys >.<

figuring out songs and sequences....

I got to dangerous thinking again *beer goggles*

for a while I have wanted to do something that encompasses all of us, as in ac the community as a whole

I know yer goin :nah:

we're all different but there is many the common thread that ties us all to this place

there is something we care all about

as we bow daily to the grind

show me

gimmie a pic or a vid or both

somethin I can use on younazi-----erm I mean youtube :bingo:

what u got? will ya stage sumthin 4 ac?

and I need a song u guys... an ac theme song~ish thing

why do I suspect tequila in the running?

yer life -yer causes -yer being. Would u share that w an ac community video? What would ya gimmie to use?

n whats yer song pic fer us?

the request line is open :P


GG on my kitchen floor, cabbit talkin jello shots, epic eppy sledge GG dance to crazy train~ maybe some singin bits too~ already gotz the in- minus the audio! lmao. And defiantly 4 am dancing!


                                               Look at the flowers

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I'm considering getting a camcorder this month for a vlog. But I don't know what kind of camcorder to get. All I know for sure is that I want to be able to do some vlogging outside. So my PS Eye or getting a web cam won't help much with that part.

No Title II Net Neutrality, No Future.

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