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Battleship movie will have an alien invasion?

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Taylor Kitsch, who played Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, has been tapped to portray Naval Commander Alex Hopper, a high-spirited officer who is a much better seaman than politician in Universal’s film based on the Hasbro game Battleship. Kitsch is currently shooting John Carter of Mars in London. He is playing Edgar Rice Burroughs’ eponymous hero in what will certainly be a major science fiction “tentpole” release in 2011.

Now Kitsch has also enlisted in Battleship, another major production with science fiction overtones. The film re-teams him with director Peter Berg, who produced the Friday Night Lights TV series that helped bring Kitsch to prominence. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the script for Battleship by Erich and Jon Hoeber has “drawn heat from some quarters” for introducing science fiction elements, namely an alien invasion, into what was, in its original format, strictly a game of naval combat.

And here I thought they were going to make a stupid battleship movie similar to the 1986 movie Top Gun. But nope, it looks like it'll be more like Independence Day. O_O


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    • By Sledgstone
      It looks promising and a couple of the scenes look like they were taken right out of the game. Alicia Vikander looks like Lara Croft in that outfit, but shes a very small woman (height and muscle) in comparison to Lara Croft in the video game. I hope her physical performance is believable considering how many men she'll have to kill. To hell with the double guns tho. I'd rather see her using only the bow and climbing axe the entire movie.. and maybe an assault rifle. lol.
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      I was under the impression that these movies have been getting filmed for about 3-4 years already.. and they'd start releasing a new Avatar movie once a year. But they're still casting roles!? Wow. At this rate I won't even expect Avatar 2 to come out in 2020. Also, I haven't seen this actor in much besides Fear the Walking Dead. While hes probably the best actor in that show (thats not saying much honestly), I don't see him doing well as a lead in a major movie franchise like this.
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      ohhhh.. Asgard has fallen? wtf?
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      This is noticeably a marvel made Spider-Man movie and looks far superior to the previous movies Fox has made.