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Dr. Drew and what he had to say about my marriage last week on LOVELINE

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WARNING: This is a adult conversation and includes Adult Topic. You had fair warning.

This really isnt an rant or a rave I guess more of a discussion. So as I posted before my husand and I split and he asked me to leave. What I realized I failed to post was the part where I cheated on him to get back on what he had done to me or was rumored to have done to me. I never caught him in the act but Im still sticking to the story he cheated on me. Since I came clean about my sex life he decided to ask me to leave since I was indeed "cheating". Now I felt I was just getting even but hey I also like sex. Anyone heard of Dr. Drew? Well I was on his radio show loveline last week talking about my little addiction to well...3 ways.(Im bi) Not only did he call me a home wrecker but he made it a point to tell me I needed some 12 step program for sex addiction. :huh:Now, I guess you could say my little "addiction" ruined my marriage but I disagree. Money ruined our marriage because thats all we fought about. Now that we live in different households we seem to enjoy spending time with each other. Hell we even had a date night this week and we havnt been out together in over a year so no I don't think my little addiction had anything to do with my marriage breaking up. Maybe the nail that sealed the coffin but not the whole reason. I guess thats what I get for calling into a radio show and putting my business out there and im not bitching about it just putting it out there. At this point I think I can work out my marriage as long as we can both forgive and move on. We have a kid together and I would hate to leave another kid with a split home (my daughter's dad and I split when she was 2 months old). Am I wrong to want to work this out? I mean yeah my ex can be a total ass hole but honestly I can be a money hungry whore. At least I can admit my faults. :bingo:


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