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  2. Did the anime end with the potential sequel quest like the manga did? I remember being so disappointed with the last arc and then it ended with the new quest and I figured they're ending it with fairy tail going back to normal guild stuff now that all the large plot lines were mostly resolved. And then a year later the sequel manga started up right where the first series ended... and the writing didn't improve at all.
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  4. DeathscytheX


    I picked this up today after being fed facebook ads for it. At first I thought it was just some mobile game so I ignored the ad for the most part then as some sites posted about it I looked into it. It was $39.99, only 5gb, and 30 hours of content? The artwork was so beautiful I bought into it. So far its a lot of fun. The hybrid turn base-action combo is pretty interesting to where I can bear it. Level design is what also made me take the plunge it's pretty much exactly like DUST: An Elysian Tail. Secret areas inaccessible until you get the right ability/tools. This will feed my gaming needs until COD comes out. EDIT: there is a demo for this on PS4 as well.
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  6. What a travesty this last season has been. Piss poor production values, absolute shit writing... but hey. It will still be my favorite shounen series ever. I spent more than half a decade with these characters and love them all, their bond (FRIENDSHIP!) and all that they've been through. Erza is my super ultra ultimate best girl ever that will never ever be dethroned (Sorry Minako Aino). especially after Erza vs. 100. MHA's Sports Festival is hands down the best tournament arc I've ever seen, but the Grand Magic Games of Fairy Tail is something special as well, and is the pinnacle of the series. I just wish the series got the ending it deserved with all the romance angles paying off (Juvia deserved a payoff) and a super bad ass fight with Acnologia and not some Spirit bomb rip off. People can shit on FT all the want about no one dying and no stakes, but thats Shounen for you... very few kill off characters forever. I'll still miss you Fairy Tail ūüėĘ #MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!
  7. Cop Craft is the most underrated, under the radar series this past season. Its not some masterpiece for the ages, but damn it was a ride from start to finish. If you liked BRIGHT on Netflix, this is pretty much the anime long form of it. Action, Gore, and a splash of dry humor, packed into 12 eps is worth a watch. It will probably never get a seconds season, and thats ok. If you have 6 hours to blow, it's worth a binge.

    Imma share this again because the OP is so late 90s. I just love it. One of those few I never skipped.


  8. My computer had a heart attack yesterday morning. The freezing and rebooting that started almost a month ago from a windows update got so bad I couldn't work on the PC for longer than 15 minutes before it'd freeze again and reboot. So I set it to do a "reset" through the recovery option.. which uninstalled all my stuff but kept my personal files. Took almost 5 hours. and in the end, it froze again once yesterday and again this morning. wtf. I did a memory test and its all good. I'm about to do a full clean install but I'll have to move all my files off first. wtf. Even now I have to re-install everything, Guild Wars 2, etc.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Turns out it was a combo of things. I tested all hardware again. Ran a 5 hour scan on the hard drive, 5 hour scan again on the memory, all good. I learned a valuable lesson yesterday. Don't trust hardware tests. The second memory stick was bad. After pulling it the PC didn't crash the rest of the day. A solid 14 hours with no crash. It was the first day I worked a solid shift without a crash in just over a month. Wtf.

      Since its actually working I've noticed that doing a windows reset has actually improved performance quite a bit. Some crashes may have been initially a windows 10 issue with an bad update seeing as the crashes started right after a windows update a month ago. The reset option keeps all personal files, but wipes all programs including browsers and bookmarks. I had to reinstall nvidia geforce experience, avast, etc. One thing I thought was causing the crash before I pulled the memory was avast. After the reset and the crashing still happening I focused on avast thinking programs I was installing was causing conflicts. If I disabled all shields the PC wouldn't crash immediately. So I uninstalled it and installed panda antivirus. That didn't fix the crash obviously since it was the memory, but I left panda on there and I noticed it has less strain on my PC. I'll leave it installed for now because it's kind of nice not getting popups from avast. I reinstalled gw2 and I'll get on the this weekend. My parents are visiting from out of state so i might not have much time to do much with it over the next couple days.

      SSDs have gone down alot in price. I'll be watching black Friday sales. If I see a 1 tb for a real good price I'll upgrade my PC to it and take the existing 1 tb in it and buy an external enclosure for it and have a new external for backups. Upgrading to SSD is easy since I learned what to do when I upgraded my laptop years ago. All I needed was 1 usb3 hard drive cable and free cloning software on download.com. I need to check what software I used to see if it's still free. Cloning the hard drive took less time than the windows reset I did the other day. But if you only have usb2 it'll take a lot longer depending on the size of the hard drive. The only catch to cloning a hard drive is the new SSD has to be at least the same size of the existing hard drive or bigger.

      I wouldn't mind upgrading my ps4 to SSD like my older brother did. Only problem with that is it's impossible to clone a ps4 hard drive because it's encrypted. Just put the hard drive in, turn it on and the ps4 will have to format and install OS from a usb drive if I remember right.

    3. DeathscytheX


      I'm pretty excited to see what PS5 games will look like a year or two after launch. I was reading yesterday how developers are excited for SSD consoles because they can program with less repetitive coding that was necessary for optimal texture loading and what not. Hopefully that means not only less repetitive environments, but way less reskinned enemies that are harder but just red instead of blue with a few more horns and eyes. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      I watched a youtube video about that last night. I had no idea that was a thing. O_O 

      and my PC is heart attacking again. Maybe that one stick of ram I removed was a fluke because its crashing again. -_-; I'm trying a different memory stick again. wtf.

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  10. I've been working on my gutters off and on for the last 3 weeks now. I hate these f*cking things. It wouldn't have been making repairs to these if the previous owners didn't redneck the hell out of them. I'm ten feet up in the air two days ago taking a broken piece off, only to find a hidden stripped screw thats impossible to take off, so then I have to break a piece off and my repair work looks like crap because of it. -_-; It'll work, unlike what was there before, but I'm not pleased with it. When I can afford it I'll pay some company to come out and replace all the gutters.

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    2. Sledgstone


      lmao, I looked like that guy at the beginning of the second video earlier this year. XD The people never cleaned out the gutters. One of the gutters was so bad, it was literally a 3 inch downspout, not cut to length, just jammed straight up into a 5 inch funnel piece. It would never work. Instead leaf and debris built up on the edge of it, and I saw a little plant growing out of the gutter in the spring. XD 

      What I want one of these days is to pay a company to do brand new seamless gutters for me. Looks a hell of a lot nicer and its a permanent fix since there would be no joints to repair. Most of the companies will do a leafguard combo with it too.

      My friend had this done for the back of his house. Its really nice looking seeing one long 90+ foot gutter.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Facebook is now showing me gutter ads for looking up those videos. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      rotflmao! XD  me too. XD

  11. They showed the dog. It's so far being played by a dog. Prepare to panic. Tommy Lee Jones is my favorite Two-Face. (Despite that movie sucking.) Fight me. It might've been an interesting John Wick reference IF I didn't want more John Wick movies instead.
  12. Ooooooooh I can't wait to see what OP2 will look like!! The break has been killing me!!!!
  13. I'm guessing the trailer isn't showing much on purpose. Because if it was all just, let's look for a robot, it might be a bit boring. But it looks like they are no longer stuck on just a single planet for this season so it could be incredibly interesting to see the worlds they visit and what life they encounter.
  14. Um.. only 10 years later from the start of the apocalypse and modern society looks like it's basically back up and running in small scale. That doesn't seem possible at all. Hell, Judith is 10 now. So this series is happening in the exact same time as the current walking dead season except somewhere else in the country? Wtf.
  15. Wow.. if the CW made TWD this would be it...
  16. I wish Netflix would make Space 2099 or Buck Rogers.
  17. The hype is real. Glad this will at least start out as a same day dub. I wont have to be 3 weeks behind.
  18. To me The Joker should be this master manipulator. The sort of thing I would admire in a villain, but hopefully smart enough to stay away from. The fact that I can relate to Arthur Fleck in any shape or form bothers me. That's made even worse by the fact I like this movie. Thus making this the (current) 4th scapegoat if someone were to blame me for snapping. The other 3 being Metal (music), Video Games, & Unwanted Backyard Wrestling. This is how I would rank the movies I've seen for this year so far. Ready Or Not (2019) - I doubt there will be a better ending to a movie this year than this. Joker - I think its meant to hate a certain Clown. Hellboy (2019) - Sorry, not sorry that The Critics are Wrong. John Wick Chapter 3 - My One Big Gripe prevents it from being my 2nd or 3rd. It Chapter 2 - It was okay.... Anna - There are better Female Spy Movies I haven't seen. Shaft (2019) - I guess if it weren't for the violence this movie would easily be mistaken for SNL skits. Stuber - Too cliché. Here is the Movie Bob review.
  19. Myk JL

    PS Plus Games

    I'm surprised there isn't a uproar over the fact that it was already given away with the original PS4.
  20. Sledgstone

    The Jimquisition

    Wow that Contra game looks horrible. Gun overheating is the worst feature they could have come up with. The game itself looks like complete crap, but they made it far worse with that overheating mechanic. WTF... Nintendo... $4.99 a month? With all the other microtransactions, I could see a $4.99 one time fee for the 200 cc mode.. but monthly? Damn thats greedy. Aside from the apple and google play games Jim mentioned, a person could also just buy a $1 a week minimum humble bundle or fanatical bundle and get significantly more for their money, entire multiple full games for $5 a month.
  21. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    I'm not a fan of Contra, but that game just looks like garbage named Contra.
  22. It's been a long time since I've been duped hard by Netflix. I started watching Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: The Battle of Unato last night. It said Season 1, and the preview looked awesome. I was getting really into the story, the animation was stunning, the action and music were amazing... and then it ended after episode 3. -_-; Turns out it was a movie they divided up into 3 eps. WTF. Amazon has the actual series but its subbed. I guess I'll watch it one day.

    1. Sledgstone


      rotflmao! XD Netflix did the same thing when season 2 of Seven Deadly Sins came out.. on netflix... 4 episodes. XD I think season 3 has gone on netflix by now which is the actual season 2 I think, but I haven't watched it yet.

    2. DeathscytheX


      Yeah maybe I'll get around to watching it one day. I dunno what it is, I loved the first season but lack the motivation to even check that out since I heard "season 2" wasn't a season.

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