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  2. I need to renew my license for the forum software to upgrade and fix the issue. Its only $60, but my money is tight as hell right now. x_x
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  4. This skyscale collection for GW2 is crazy huge. This is easily a larger collection than what was required for the Nevermore precursor. If it required a massive gold investment, this mount would basically be legendary status imo. wtf.

    1. DeathscytheX


      XD but it's almost completely free if you dont take any short cuts. While it sucks, for what you get it's worth it. World Completion is now a minor inconvenience rather than a large undertaking with this mount.

  5. I use a bobo web photoshop clone that Sledge showed me a while back. https://pixlr.com/editor/
  6. Yea I'm guessing there is something wrong with the uploader because I just tried this again and it uploaded 4 of the same blank image even though I tried to only upload one. Said something about it taking to long to get a response. Will sadly have to wait to show pics until this is figured out That or the file sizes are to big which I don't know how considering this image is only 2.4 mb and sadly I don't have photo editing software on my PC to decrease the size (never did get around to putting PS on this PC, then again I don't know where my discs are at).
  7. Strider Hiryu

    FFXIV Pics

    Just random pics I'll upload from time to time of my adventures in FFXIV or just pics of my character
  8. I went into this movie half blind only to realize that this movie would've been better off as a PG-13 romcom. Especially if they had replaced Uber with OK Cupid. They could've called it OK Stupid. A name it could've easily lived up to. Sorry if these puns are more painful than Lasik Surgery. This is how I would rank the movies I've seen for this year so far. Hellboy (2019) - Sorry, not sorry that this is my favorite movie of 2019. John Wick Chapter 3 - My One Big Gripe prevents it from being Number One. Anna - There are better Female Spy Movies I haven't seen. Shaft (2019) - I guess if it weren't for the violence this movie would easily be mistaken for SNL skits. Stuber - Too cliché.
  9. Nintendo has already gone on record saying they will not discontinue the DS line as long as people continue to buy and support it and I don't see that stopping anytime soon since parents love it for their kids (and it's still cheaper to buy a brand new 3DS over this new Switch). I love my 3DS but sadly I just don't have the time to play it anymore and my Switch has turned into nothing but a display item (don't get me wrong I love it and SSB but I spend way to much time on my PC playing games).
  10. Maybe, but I don't see it right now. Gameboy battery life is still far superior to Switch. I haven't looked too much into it but I highly doubt removing rumble and motion censors is going to add that much more life to the battery on the lite. I love these commercials though "lets go to these active lifestyle parks and facilities and just play switch instead of participating in the activities."
  11. I'm wondering if Nintendo will now phase out the gameboy or if they'll start competing with themselves in their own hand held market.
  12. Unfortunately there is no raw footage. And YT is just dominated by dudebro's saying "bruh" every 10 seconds over the people already streaming it. The full reveal will be August 1st. I've never been an S&D fan, but this mode does look pretty fun. My main focus was the gunplay which looks really good tbh. Of course looking good on a controlled network environment is one thing. The FAMAS and MP5 were really giving me some nostalgia... still absurdly large hit boxes on the sniping though which is typical of a decade old engine. I hear Spec-Ops is going to have 10 maps, so I'll probably pick this up for shits and gigs. I've taken a massive break from these types of games, I always have the itch, but at least for the first few months it will be pretty fun. EDIT:
  13. Nintendo is making a portable only Switch! I intend to trade in my current Switch because I hate the fact The Dock needs a LAN Adapter. Here's hoping that if there ever is a non portable only Switch it will properly hook up to an Ethernet Cable.
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  15. What a let down. Glad I never bought this game despite how much I miss some good BF action.
  16. Yeah, I'll re-upload them this weekend as I didn't have time to do it at that time (was odd too since it said it failed to upload them). It's just before and after pics of my character (she underwent changes).
  17. Yeah this is a bug. It happened to me when I uploaded my last pics. It seems you have to upload one at a time now. I think it might have to do with the file size. When I uploaded it just locked up after a few pics and they showed up as these black squares a few hours later.
  18. DeathscytheX


    So many G2A videos.
  19. Noo... the pic upload must have failed. I don't see anything.
  20. I finally got the time to do some stuff again. I hope it lasts. I finished Stranger Things season 3 which was great and I got multiple hours in GW2. I almost have my 2 large festival achievements done for the big chests. :D After that I'm going for my skyscale and warclaw mounts.

    1. Sledgstone


      And I need to get caught up on my youtube backlog. Theres some topics on AC here I want to reply too but everything is a youtube video. lol. I'll dedicate an hour to that later today if I can pull away from GW2 and swimming in my pool. :D 

  21. Myk JL


    I helped Kickstart Pyxa & now Creoqode is Kickstarting Lyra.
  22. In case my upcoming review can't capture the magic of this utterly bizarre masterpiece, this has it covered. This was seriously this seasons biggest surprise, and could also contend for best in show. With Funimation teaming up with Rightstuf, I'll def have to watch Revolutionary Girl Utena when it goes up. What is even CRAZIER is that Kunihiko Ikuhara directed both of these... but started out with Sailor Moon and left because he felt restricted creatively... and the next season was Sailor Moon Stars after he left.
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