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  2. It's a shame they killed off jesus. He'd have had better potential to keep the show going as a leader. It feels like the show got bloated with characters with all the communities but they still kept a focus on the main group.. but now that there is no main group anymore I'm finding it hard to care for any character at this point. Daryl and Carol are the only decent characters left after michonne leaves which means they'll be pretty much unkillable without killing off the show. Alpha and Beta are just odd to me. Negan was an amazing character and the saviors made sense with how they lived and made others suffer. But the whisperers don't make sense to me. They have no quality of life, they never explain why any of them would actually want to live like they do. It's like they're all psycho but aside from alpha and beta there's no other characters in their group to relate with. At least with the saviors if you saw one of the lieutenants get killed you know it was some serious shit. But instead of having a hierarchy of characters as enemies it's all put on the shoulders of 2 characters alone. Alpha and Beta are just not strong enough of characters to keep that tension strong.
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  4. It wasn't rushed, its how it was in the comic minus the whole showing off her horde and what not.. its even less detailed.. she just shows up to the fair in disguise and the next scene is the heads on the spikes. Alpha came out as a mysterious but vicious character in the comic... on the show I cant take that accent seriously. Her and beta just don't match up well... shes suppose to be as scary as beta but instead shes just complaining about how everyone isn't living like animals. Lydia is Carls love interest, since Sophia doesn't die in the barn in the comic, Enid was suppose to fill the role in the love triangle... but Carl left and Henry sucked so they didn't need Enid anymore. Without Michonne, I don't know how they are going to keep going... Gabriel isn't main character material... Hilltop went through 3 leaders in half a season... the show is a wreck. In the comic Rosita is killed instead of Tara.. but she was also with Eugene instead of Gabe... and she was pregnant with another man's child.
  5. I'm really surprised they built up Tara and Henry as much as they did this season only to kill them both off so abruptly. I didn't even realize their heads were on those spikes at first. And when they did the flash back it didn't even show their deaths. Seemed a bit rushed. I still don't understand why they are making a Rick trilogy movie. I could understand the actor wanted out... but then he signed up to do 3 tv movies based on wherever the hell that helicopter took him. This is the last season for Michonne to since Danai Gurira will be leaving.
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  7. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    My loyalty lies with Humble Bundle with Steam being a close 2nd & GOG being in 3rd. EA & Ubisoft for me are fighting for last place. Epic for me I guess is currently tied with every other online store that has yet to do business with Humble Bundle. Epic might also win last place as I've heard they use spyware.
  8. Yeah this show is done. Without Rick and Maggie it went down fast. Tara has always been a horrible character no one cares about and now they're trying to make her important. I'd rather have had Sasha or Andrea still alive, at least I hated them... Tara I dont even care about. Henry is more annoying than Coral, and they ruined Alpha completely... in the comic shes a systematic killer.. instead we got trailer park trash with a fake horrible southern accent. Shes like one of those able bodied people you'd find in the mart kart at Wally world, complaining at the service desk.
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  10. Everything was updated today. Looks like there was an issue with the sitemap causing search engine result issues. There's also a new giphy button in posts. Feel free to add gifs now. There's a few other features that have been updated but nothing major. I should be getting the themes back up soon to.
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  12. It's been up and down, since the entry, but thankfully mostly up, lol! I'm just glad we're surviving this FUBAR weather, here. Flooding, blizzards, thunder-snows and snow-nadoes! Nebraska has always been temperamental, weather-wise, but great googly-moogly...NDOT has reports of between 4 and 8 bridges out around the central portion of the state; 6 dams for sure that are just gone, and others critically damaged; levee's without number breached, broken or bulging. Add on top of that all the road damage, property damage/loss, field and livestock loss...it may be a hard year for a lot of people, especially if we can't get our collective shit together and decide whether or not we're declaring a state-wide emergency.
  13. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    I can't believe I watched this whole thing. worth it.
  14. Last night I had a dream I was watching DBZ (Abridged?) where Dr. Gero was still alive being confronted by Goku. Dr. Gero told Goku that he perfected his (1st Form / Imperfect) Cell Clone. Once Clone Cell was released from his tube he morphed into Goku dressed as Vegeta as a sign he was mad at Dr. Gero. I don't remember if anything happened to Dr. Gero or Goku, but the rest of my dream was Clone Cell trying to kill Gohan.
  15. Kudo's to Ubisoft for an excellent launch on their game... at least for early access. Outside of some framerate issues the game doesn't have any unexpected problems outside of the bit of animation quirks Snowdrop is known for. Without knowing about the endgame, the story itself is worth paying $60 for and damn sure worth it months from now if you pick it up on the cheap. The depth of the world surpasses pier 93 area of TD1 by a large margin. The side missions are just as good as main story missions... about 12 hours in and I've only done 3 main missions and a good 10 side missions. Each side mission is completely unique and not recycled tasks... which still exist in the game but as random world events. These world events also serve a purpose for upgrading settlements. The control points are a really nice added bonus as once you take them, they become new fast travel hubs, and their storage rooms supply daily loot. I feel like I've only scratched the surface here. Also the environment means a little bit more to be since I use to live 30min outside of DC. Seeing places I've been as a child is surreal, especially the Planetarium I took a field trip to.
  16. This was a pretty good series. The finale was great. It takes about 3 eps to pick up but its worth watching. Gillen and Malarkey have great chemistry as Hynek and Quinn and it was interesting how their personalities developed as they got use to each other throughout the season. I'm not sure how good a second season can be once they run out of actual cases they'll have to start making stuff up. The last scene was a bit wacky so it has me a little nervous they could just go off the rails eventually.
  17. I just discovered Hyouka and I'm hooked. The animation is stunningly beautiful... not Evergarden tier, but extremely good compared with most. The Chemistry between Hotaro and Chitanda is outstanding. Chitanda is super adorable and Hotaro's lack of enthusiasm for anything just makes their interactions great. Plus the "mysteries" are intriguing as they go about solving them.

  18. Myk JL

    Left Alive

    CAUTION: Jim Sterling is approaching.
  19. Everyone needs live action Nobell Gundam….
  20. Seems like they got more right then I gave them credit for (then again apparently Cameron is a fan of the manga which lead to him getting the live-action rights) but that is what I get for being a major fan of the franchise. They could go on with the motorball events but those take place after Hugo dies in the manga, it's her way of dealing with her grief from loosing him (and her fallout with Ido). Again Alita's past doesn't come up until pretty much the end half of the manga so they already skipped ahead quite a bit (and most of that was rewritten with Last Order and Mars Chronicle, god damn authors changing shit). I have a feeling if they make a sequel they'll go with her time as a Tuned agent for Tiphares (the city in the sky, I will not speak the name the movie gave it) if they decide to leave the motorball stuff. It's probably the second best arc in the entirety of the original manga. Then again they could just skip way ahead and go into the events of Last Order (the Zenith of All Things tournament would be fucking amazing to see adapted in either an anime or a live-action if done right but that is the last half of the Last Order run so chances are high they wouldn't go that far ahead). As I said I'll wait until it hits home release or at least until PSN puts it up for digital rental as I have no intention of seeing this in the theater. Even though it's getting good reviews from movie goers I still hold reservations that they fucked something up that will piss me off (then again I did enjoy the GitS movie for what it was even if I hate what it'd did to Motoko as a character). XD, a live-action Shining Finger might literally make me vomit blood.
  21. That's what was covered in the movie. It's as if you've seen this movie. Lol.. I should probably read the manga. After the motorball tryouts they skipped all the motorball stuff because that was where the movie ended after the final scene with Hugo which would be the setup for a sequel. If they do a sequel they could cover all the motorball events in a flashback or just start the sequel movie with something like.. "after what happened with Hugo, I focused on motorball..." and then cover all the motorball stuff. Her age wasn't exactly stated but Ido told her she's roughly 300 years old at one point in the movie. And her new body was called Berserker and it has nano tech. You might actually like this movie. Lol.
  22. You know you want some live action SHINING FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Motorball takes place in the entirety of volume 3 of the manga (the old release, new release is 5 volumes so I'm not sure which volume its in) and her Berserker body (I don't know if they call it that in the movie, not even close to the power of her current body) is in the manga as well (first volume). From what I've heard it's a pretty accurate adaptation of the OVA which was a haphazard adaptation of the first volume of the manga (still good, I enjoyed it for what it was) with elements of the manga thrown in (badly by what I hear, sounds like the skip all of the motorball stuff after the tryouts which is a bummer since that's by far one of the high points of the manga for me). Not entirely sure what they said her age was (221 in the manga currently) or what her background is as it's never really covered until toward the end of the manga and the Last Order continuation (to sum it up a Martian terrorist and Panzer Kunst specialist (cyborg martial arts) who was stranded on Earth during the Terraforming Wars on a botched up mission) but I'll have to wait and see as I won't see it in theaters (I'll wait until it hits home video). As much love as I hear for this adaptation I'm skeptical it's any good (I'm a purist who loves this manga and we all remember how much I tore down the GitS movie) but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sigh, they just want to adapt everything now don't they. Didn't they learn their mistake with G-Saviour. Gundam isn't meant to be adapted into live-action >.<
  24. I cant wait until the Gundams are too toxically masculine looking in the live action adaptation Sunrise and Legendary Pictures ARE doing.
  25. I watched Battle Angel Alita today. It was the most true anime to live action movie I've ever seen. I never read the manga so I can only assume the motorball stuff and her new ultra powerful body was part of the manga. Aside from that every scene that happened in the anime movie happened in this movie almost exactly. It's a shame it was PG13 but that's alright. It still had all the brutal deaths but the kill shots that were gruesome generally took place right off camera which was only a few times. Other times it was mostly a lack of blood to get around an R rating. Like slicing a guy into 5 parts is ok for pg13 when there's no blood flying everywhere. Overall I'm very pleased with how the movie played out and it was setup for a sequel. The movie does explain alot more about Alita than the anime does, like what she is, how old she is, etc. And the giant eyes that freaked everyone out before is nothing. I got used to it within the first couple minutes. The realy unique thing about this movie are all the cyborgs. There's no two cyborgs that are even remotely similar except for in 2 flash back scenes. Other than that a girl with giant eyes is nothing compared to a 10 foot tall guy with a shoulder width bigger than a semi truck or some guy that's larger than a SUV with multiple appendages with circular saws. Also I didn't see any sex appeal at all. Lmao. they made her look physically fit like she was in the anime. And she kicked ass. This was a great movie and I highly recommend it.
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