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  2. I started playing a bit of this for the skins... and 10 loot boxes in week 4. Plus if you log in between yesterday and May 22, you get 20 free heroes grouped into 4 bundles. Its a FTP hybrid MOBA/RTS game. I picked the Support/Specialist bundle because it had Lucio and Zarya... but man I blow at this game. I haven't played and RTS game since WarCraft III. I'm glad I only have to play 5 games a week instead of 5 wins.
  3. As long as bullshit weapon supply drops stay in these games, they'll all be hot garbage. They still have a season pass, so I have no doubt they'll have a supply drop system. COD doesn't do anything that will make them less money besides making progressively shittier games year after year.
  4. The Vehicle system needs to be a queue. This would prevent spawn screen camping, and it would be fair to everyone. You pick the vehicle you want and then go play on the battlefield. When your turn is up, you get a prompt that gives you 15 second to confirm before it moves to the next person in line. Instead of the same 2 people getting the vehicles over and over, it would be more like the same 5-10 that are interested in using them. Nothing pissed me off more than some asshat picking the light tank when there was a fucking behemoth in the sky. Everyone was so quick to get the tank just to have it and farm kills, they weren't picking the correct variant for the situation. This is why defense got steam rolled most the time after the defense nerfs. (Too many matches with Strider, where we got crushed on Iron Walls because the Behemoth stayed up and offered a constant waypoint for the attackers to parachute into the last point) Its bad enough dealing with piss poor team mates in a 6v6 game, but when something as simple as tank selection and make or break Operations, it becomes irritating that such a small part of the game can make or break the team. Hero and vehicle wasting was prevalent in the first battlefront, this new system does nothing to change it. The main reason Overwatch is my favorite MP game right now is because it has a high skill ceiling, and there is no coddling of n00bs. Either git gud, or go play something else. A year later the MP is still going on strong, match making is still under 1 min, while 3-4 months after Battlefront came out, I watched a friend's roommate wait over 5 min to find a match. The whole "we want to make it accessible for casual and hardcore players alike" Sorry, thats shit. The hardcore players are the ones that stick around if your content is good, the casuals are just that casual. They play and then don't stick around long because they're CASUAL. Developers are too chicken shit to make players have to learn to master the game, everything is watered down and made easy... then when skilled players find that one thing that gives them a skill based advantage, it gets nerfed.
  5. The problem is Battlefront was always an arcade-style game (the original was so arcadey it wasn't even funny but that's why I loved it, never actually got a chance to play the second one) and DICE tried and failed to reinvent it. I honestly don't think any of the proposed changes (I didn't watch this vid but I watched an earlier vid Westie made about it) are going to make this game any better. Considering how much I actually hate the vehicle system in BF1 I really don't like this change. It was already hard enough to get vehicle pickups in Battlefront now you're just allowing people to stay on a spawn screen and wait for the vehicle to pop back up (something that is prevalent in BF1 and doesn't allow many people a chance to get any vehicle time). The class based system is an alright choice as it goes back to basic Battlefront but, outside of star cards (horrible system), I actually liked the new Battlefront's character system. Meh, I'm still not interested in this game. With DICE's fuck-ups in BF1 I honestly can't put much faith behind this title. I hope I'm wrong but I see this one going over about as well as Battlefront did after the first month it was out.
  6. Meh, until I see multiplayer footage I'm not making any judgements (honestly COD campaigns have never been spectacular (exception being COD4 for me as it was the first one I played and it was a damn good campaign)). It's just sad Activision is trying to jump on the nostalgia train and taking a page from the DICE playbook (though it was inevitable with the lacking sales numbers on the last few COD titles). For COD's and Activision's sake I hope this game is as good as WaW was (might be hard considering Treyarch made it) because I don't think even the diehard COD fanboys will put up with another shit title.
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  8. Looks like Call of Duty is mimicking Battlefield 1 now. Just like Advanced Warfare was inspired by Destiny.
  9. Tales from the Borderlands! Finally getting another decent title I'd like to play.
  10. It could have ended with the Thriller dance and been better IMO.
  11. I haven't watched MST3K in years. I noticed it pop up on netflix yesterday. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll watch some movies and see if I get hooked again.
  12. I thought the whole point of the alternate ending was in case they wanted to make a sequel. It added a nice twist to the ending, but I like the theater ending a bit more.
  13. The original ending to I Am Legend came off as a shitty plot twist to me. The theater ending was at least consistent with the rest of the movie.
  14. I Am Legend was awesome if you watch the original ending and not the shitty theater ending that invalidates the whole story. >< Suicide Squad was a junk food movie. Nothing substantial, but enjoyable and perfectly ok in small doses. Not really any re-watchability for me, but I did have fun watching it when it came out.
  15. New season, w00t! For those that don't know, there was a kickstarter a couple years ago started by Joel to make new episodes. Well, it succeeded well enough to make 14 new eps., and Netflix picked it up! New cast, new voices, new sets, etc. After watching all of them, I can say it's a typical MST3K season. Some movies were 'eh', some were hilarious. Some of the host segments were very 'meh' and some were awesome and hilarious. So if you're a fan of the 'old school' MST3K, give it a look. Watch the first three at least, as it starts out kinda slow, but gets better. Plus, one of the Mads is Felica Day. And you can tell she was having tons of fun with it!
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  17. My experience with retrieving my Souls & Humanity has had it always appearing on a flat non-moving surface. In the case of the elevator in Blight Town they appear right before getting onto the elevator. In the case of bottomless falls I have & seen others fall to their deaths. This is because the way you retrieve your Souls & Humanity also doubles as a way for other players to see how you died. I think the only way you could permanently lose your Souls & Humanity is if you died again before you could retrieve them. The way the games saves it always remembers what you were doing before you quit. So if you quit the game surrounded by dead bodies you will reload that game surrounded by dead bodies. Personal Goals Achieved My Endurance is at 40 Soft Cap My Vitality is at 50 Soft Cap Going back to The Catacombs to collect the Great Scythe Remembering to wear the Crimson armor set in The Great Hollow Finally visited Ash Lake Killing Basilisks & Mushroom Parents was pretty slow. So slow that I rather not try to fight The Hydra at Ash Lake yet. More boring Personal Goals Getting my Strength back up to 46 so I can one hand the Demon's Great Hammer again See if I need to raise Dexterity with any of the weapon I have collected Recollect a lot of items in the area of Blight Town I was avoiding
  18. So far this season has been pretty great. There doesn't seem to be any loose plot holes, and they've done well tying what little of last season there was into this one. Bajie is turning out to be an excellent character. I didn't think I'd like him after the mine escape, which honestly he did have a pretty shaky development from a greedy opportunist to someone with a moral code. The gift is intriguing, and the fact that you can be sterilized of it or lose it like Bajie and seemingly MK makes me wonder how one inherits it in the first place. Its clear that Azra is probably not a real place. Especially after MK found the WIRED magaizne featuring Bioshock. It makes me wonder what actually happened to the past world. After learning that Quinn is still alive, Sunny must know that Veil is the one that healed him. With the Widow teaming up with Quinn, Sunny won't have any allies trying to get her back. In fact he'll want to kill them both. I also find it interesting how Tilda told the story of the Widow's husband, and how he would rape her nightly until the Widow killed him, and then shortly after the Widow hands over Veil as barter for a pretty dangerous alliance. Although she did have a point about the poison and insinuating that Tilda should have told her the wrong bottle when she patched her up in season 1. Still, its not like the Widow to not help another woman in that situation. With Sunny incapacitated, and at the mercy of the Master, next week's episode should be interesting. I hope we learn more about the gift. Her abbots are dead, along with a prized student. I doubt she'll be happy. But with the revelation about Bajie's past, it should make for an interesting encounter.
  19. I watched "Dragon Blade" this weekend. A great Jackie Chan movie, mostly subtitled. Really depressing and really good. The pacing of the movie was amazing to me. So much happened in 2 hours that it felt like some epic trilogy condensed down to 1 movie with all the boring parts removed.

  20. DICE might have finally realized that full arcade-style combat doesn't appeal to their primary fan base. Being stuck in a vehicle or hero for that entire life sounds fine to me. This game was on my list of "don't bother" but with that change and the inclusion of a single player campaign I'll start paying more attention to this.
  21. *revives topic from 3 years ago* I'm completely current with Game of Thrones and I'm looking forward to the next season. The first 2 seasons didn't appeal to me that much. The show prides itself on being deadly serious all the time but I couldn't bring myself to take it seriously at all with the amount of pointless nudity and straight up softcore porn scenes. Some epic scene could be happening and then it'll scene transition to a market place with some woman in the foreground spreading her legs in some acrobat position with the camera spot on to her genitals. ok... and then another serious scene will happen in another episode and a few mins later theres softcore porn. huh... then theres the pointless brothel scenes. All of which felt like nothing more than filler and could all easily be skipped since the sole purpose of those scenes is for young boys to masturbate to. in the end all the nudity throughout all 6 seasons was completely pointless (save for 2 scenes), added no plot, no character depth and could all easily be skipped and the viewer would miss no plot at all. Thankfully season 3 and on became much much better. Significantly better. Someone at HBO must have realized they were making porn with a really good plot on the side and decided to do a 180 and make it a completely plot driven story full of amazing action with some nudity on the side. Another thing, its hard to have a favorite character in this series because everyone dies so often. I thought I got used to the concept of major characters being killed off at any time thanks to watching the walking dead, but in game of thrones, major characters die so often that by season 6 I just assume anyone that is left will die at any moment and leave another plot line completely negated. Even minor characters will show up in an episode, start having some build up.. and then die. lol. Its impossible to get a firm attachment to any character or even care if any of them achieve anything in the end. If TWD killed off characters like GoT, the entire original cast would have been dead by season 3 except for maybe Rick. Maybe I'm a bit more pessimistic of this series because I streamed it all in one week instead of watching it over the course of years and it changed my perspective of it. The next season looks like it'll be amazing and full of massive conflict and bloody battles. The end of season 6 was perfect. *minor spoiler* Winter is finally here.. The White Walkers and their undead army are going to kill everyone..
  22. I'm starting to get really good with Genji. I got gold in eliminations several times tonight, and carried at 51% kill participation in one of my matches. And with a buff to his ult in the pipeline, I won't have to worry about my fun getting nerfed for a while. XD There are few things that feel amazing in this game. Hooking airborne Phara with Roadhog, Hooking Tracer with Roadhog, Killing a good Zarya period, and deflecting an ult back at the enemy team with Genji... because I totally got McCree good. XD

  23. I finally took time to do the main story & it was okay. That seems like an odd thing to say since this has become my favorite space ship game on the PS4. That might not be saying much as the only other games I've played with Space Ships in them on PS4 have been Star Trek Online & Mass Effect Andromeda. Though I guess if I counted Saints Row 4 which is a last gen port Rebel Galaxy would come in 2nd place. My only other final thoughts on Rebel Galaxy is selling Space Slaves is wrong. But killing Space Slaves is okay....
  24. Vehicle/Hero pick ups gone. Vehicles go to BF1 format.
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  26. That feeling soloing the boss with corpses cheering you on, because everyone else fell to their death on Thaumanova Reactor, and the boss has 30% HP left. XD I did it for the first time since the change. The heat room isn't that bad when done as a group. But having to do 4 rooms now makes it my least favorite even more so. I also had to do the Not So Secret JP again for Astralaria. WTF? Not So Secret and SW? The two worst JP in the game for this journey. -_-; 

    1. Sledgstone


      XD Just wait until tier 4, you'll probably have to do those JP and fractal all over again. XD

      What benefit is there for having the entire group do the heat room? I still haven't made it across once. I never tried it with a cooling rod tho.

    2. DeathscytheX


      You can stagger the cooling rod shields off CD. With 4 people having a rod, If you do it right, you should make it to the end no problem. Actual only 2 are needed because the cd finishes by the time 1 shield completes. I had a pretty good group. The boss for thauma was their only screw up. We cleared uncatagorized with ease, and we cleared Choas bonfires on the first try after me and the party leader explained it to the other 3 that didn't know what to do... Oh and we melted subject 6 in seconds. What is funny about the thauma boss is you actually have a special action key now that stops 1 platform from dissappearing. It has a heafty CD, but you should be able to use it once per each time someone gets targeted. 

    3. Sledgstone


      That makes so much more sense now.

  27. Sooo, are we erasing the shit ending and AO altogether? Please say yes. Eureka and Renton look older, and yay to no CGI mechas. UPDATE Answer: Yes we're erasing the shit ending.
  28. That is hilarious!
  29. He was good in Independence Day, but then a year later Men in Black came out and it felt like he was playing a completely similar character but in a different scenario. I did like his character in Enemy of the State, I forgot all about that movie. Avoid "After Earth" at all cost tho. x_x
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