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  2. Well I guess I put off buying a video card for too long. All the prices have skyrocketed by 50% or higher because of some bullshit ethereum mining thing. I'm def not paying these prices. I was planning on doing it next month when I financially had a chance to do so. I guess I'll have to hope my video card last a bit longer.


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  4. The older I get, the more I dislike the general public. I was never Mr. Popular in school because I kept to myself and felt that the upper echelon of the social order was so trivial. I can befriend just about anyone of any type of values/background. But overall my circle of friends is pretty small, and always has been.

    I say all that to say this... holy shit why are people so fucking stupid on the internet? I'm pretty new to this whole reddit/facebook groups thing. I remember running around anime forums as a 14-15 year old shooting off at the mouth like I was hot shit... but these are grown ass adults that don't have a fucking clue what they are talking about, nor do they want to learn.

    I see all these morons on the GW2 facebook group asking dumbshit questions you can easily look up yourself on wiki or youtube... The GW2 community has the best community of YT guide makers of any game... quite literally there are the most pointless guides for even the biggest imbeciles.  Taking 5 steps in a straight line from a waypoint to get to a POI? You better believe there is a YT video on how to do it! Just type in the name of the POI and at least 5-6 20 sec-1min videos will pop up. You could have tabbed out of GW2, or pulled out your phone and looked that bullshit up and got it done w/o wasting your time posting a question in a facebook group and waiting for someone to respond. I mean what the actual fuck? Then they get butthurt when someone posts the link to the wiki, and people actually coddle this fool like we shouldn't tell him to try harder to help himself? I almost left the group because of that because it was the second time in two days I saw it. Kumbaya shit pisses me off, and as a society its lead to the everything is offensive/racist/bigoted/cruel. Sometimes people have to feel like people think they're stupid to better themselves. Its called learning the hard way, and I've done a lot of it myself.

    Then you have assholes telling you about the class you main, and they have no fucking clue how the class works.... because they don't even play it. They main another class. Its obvious by what they're spewing out, by leaving out various aspects of the class while giving out vague descriptions... then a lot of times saying something that's completely false.

    But this is just a side note really, what set me off on this rant today is another facebook group. I'm a EDC nut. I own multiple guns, pocket knives, and flashlights. I recently got into a group about a particular brand of knife I enjoy. Overall its a great group that gives me good ideas about future purchases I might make. I recently ordered a knife that is an upgraded version exclusive from a certain knife retailer. It has a high tier quality blade steel, making the knife double the cost of the standard version. Even then at $80, this steel is normally only found on pocket knives that are $220-400. Its one hell of a deal. So this new guy that joined the group asks in a comment reply why would anyone pay double the price for this knife when he got it for way less. I explained to him what the deal was, because that's what the group is for... sharing knowledge and opinions. He never responded so I figured he understood and moved on.... then later down the comments I see him ask the question again... -_-; Another member tells him about the steel, and I follow up explaining that its an exclusive version of the knife only sold by that particular retailer, and I even go into why that steel is special and its characteristics. Once again no acknowledgement. He later makes his own post, posting the basic version of this knife that he owns, and someone asks him what version it is, and he states he just found out that there are more than one version of his knife and asks AGAIN why is there a one doubled in price.... this all took place in the span of 17 hours. I mean did you not fucking read mine and other peoples explanation? You read it enough to know there was more than one version! Holy shit.... Why are you so fucking ignorant? Is your mental retention that bad? How did you even manage make it back to the facebook group two days in a row?

    I'm not really raging, even though it sounds like it. It just bothers me that people act this helpless. The internet has made people even more lazy despite the fact that there is a wealth of knowledge to be had. I've learned a shit ton using it, whether it be about science, history, or my very own hobbies. I mean how do these people even pay their internet bill? Did they post on their ISP's forum to ask how to do it? Google is a powerful tool to find quick answers to everything. It requires way less clicks. Use groups and reddit for opinion discussion... not for basic questions that you need to find on your own. You just look like someone that could drown in the shower.

    1. Sledgstone


      Stupid ppl and pc correctness / coddlers like that are what make me treat Facebook groups and Reddit completely different from traditional forums. In a forum I'll look at every topic, post, etc. But on Facebook and Reddit I won't even click the link if its some basic question that can be googled. And that guy you answered twice about the steel, he's either completely ignorant or a troll. I'll compare him to a climate change troll. On either end of the spectrum there's a person that already has their mind made up and thus they believe everyone else that doesn't agree with their belief is an idiot, or in the case of the knife he already believes it's not worth the price. Someone offers an explanation that is in opposition to their predetermined belief. That person will then proceed to publicly denounce the other's opinion or in the knife guy's case he ignores because he has no counter argument and then proceeds to ask the question again and again until they get someone to reinforce their idea. It's a horrible combination of ignorance and narcissism. I'm sure he read your info and realized he was wrong. But in true narcissistic fashion he won't admit he was wrong and instead makes another post that they learned something on their own with no help and now wants info on what they now believe, while at the same pretending their previous ignorance never existed.

      Narcissism is the biggest issue with the internet nowadays. Everyone is obsessed with themselves. Endless selfies. Everyone wants to be complimented and can't take any criticism even when it's beneficial. It's also a power trip. Whether they are aware of it or not, they are asking / telling ppl to do something for them they can easily do themselves. It's a similar mentality that happens in bad relationships. The husband sitting on the couch asking the wife for a beer. Of course he could just stand up, walk over to the fridge and get one, but why when someone else will do it for you. The internet is that lazy asshole sitting on a couch while taking a selfie and telling everyone they are wrong about everything. 

    2. DeathscytheX


      I guess that's what it was, but he is in the wrong place for that, and if he keeps it up he'll just get kicked from the group. The two knife groups I'm in have pretty solid admin staffs. They don't put up will bullshit. Someone got offended that people were posting guns with their knives, and they got booted pretty quick for raging about it. XD

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  6. Lol. I'll have to check later. If its still there you want it still? All those old accounts only had like 25 mb of space.
  7. I actually tried a few months ago, but couldn't remember my password.
  8. But can I create a Felis Sapien?
  9. I think I beat 400 days.. or I only did 2 or 3 of the stories. It wasn't that memorable. Season 2 wasn't as good as season 1 to me in terms of character development. I don't think anything could top Lee and Clementine's original story. Overall tho, season 2 was a solid game and will give you alot of 'oh shit' moments.
  10. I beat season 1 about a year ago. I picked up 400 days, Season 2, and this game today on the steam summer sale. I just got done with 400 days and I'm glad I got it for $1.25 or whatever. Seemed like a waste of time at the end. The mini stories were cool, but you really had no control over the end... or whatever choices you made doesn't really feel like it connected to how it ended. I always find it interesting how I stacked up at the end vs. other players. I was in the minority on a lot of choices on season 1, but was in the majority on everything except one choice on 400 days. I'll probably start season 2 soon.
  11. Finally, Marvel is giving importance to other superheroes. I hope that this movie can be as popular as Deadpool. This is one of the movies to watch out for next year.
  12. @Myk JL You might, lol. But I think I mass deleted all unused accounts over a year ago.
  13. If memory serves me correctly the offer was to permanently ban someone. Out of curiosity I tried to permanently ban myself twice.
  14. That reminds me i still have an email account here? And we don't discuss anime as much now, but new blood is always welcome. We're still painting the back room. *ahem*
  15. Not surprising since PS4/XBone are 4 years old.
  16. , yeah so about Battlefield... j/k
  17. I wish amazon would indicate if something is being shipped from out of country. The last 2 items I've purchased were both prime eligible and both gave the impression there would be 2 day shipping, until I get to the checkout and 'free 2 day shipping' has a delivery date of 1 week later. Still no indication as to why until I get the UPS tracking number and find out the item is being shipped from Canada. I haven't had anything from amazon actually arrive in 2 days in over 8 months.

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    2. DeathscytheX


      Honestly no, it's all hypocrisy. We could have a lotto if it went to schools. People are more open to it now. The problem is every time there is a proposal, the government wants it to go into the state general fund... So they can fatten their pockets. So when it gets voted down they do the "the people have spoken and don't want a lotto". -_-;

      There is plenty of titty bars and porn/adult toy shops around here. Honestly I don't know how they stay in business when you can order everything discretely online. There was a Asian brothel across from the mall for 20 years running as a "massage parlor". It even had an ad in the paper when newspapers were still viable. XD everyone knew it was a whore house, but I heard they use to give a lot of inside information to law enforcement so they turned a blind eye. A few months ago it closed down and a ton of Asians showed up in the crook book with all the mug shots. I don't know if they do that in your state, but we even have a Facebook page called "Arrested in Mobile" that posts all the mug shots as they get booked. XD

    3. Sledgstone


      Lmao. XD I've never noticed a Facebook page dedicated to local arrests before. I should look for one. XD

    4. DeathscytheX


      Oh it's comedy gold. On ours,  it's a bunch of white trash family fueds in the comments, or fake accounts trolling with hilarious comments. XD

  18. I still own around 12 domain names. I've been meaning to thin the herd again but I keep putting it off. Hosting those sites don't cost me anything since I self host them on my main hosting account. I could go back to being a web hosting business again if I wanted with the setup I still have in place. On a side note, we always seem to go off topic in this place.
  19. Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking about it after I made that post and I realized the massive city could be a metaphor for a giant living body and the humans are a virus while all those drones instantly attacking them is the equivilant of an immune system responding with white blood cells.
  20. I understood it as the humans were flawed and saw as intruders without the net gene code. The outbreak is what caused them to not have it anymore after a few generations?
  21. LOL, you're still paying for those domain names? I forgot all about those.
  22. All those years ago I made a couple other anime sites. & At one point I was going to make a variety of anime sites and Ancient Clan was going to be the primary hub for them all. Then life got in the way and my interests slowly faded. But its all good. I don't think I'll make any more anime sites, but I will expand on AC more in the future. And our anime forum is always open. Feel free to make status updates if you want, or upload some gallery pics, make some topics about a new anime you watched, etc. If you have any questions let me know. Was that the april fools when I put a message on the top of the forum that said something like: "Pssst, don't tell anyone, but you've been selected to have admin powers for today only. Ban anyone you want for 1 hour, go ahead.. they'll never know." ? And when someone put a name in and clicked ban, they'd ban themselves for an hour instead? That was a great april 1st. *throws some big wheel at the floor forever making this topic smell amazing*
  23. Ohhh. Thank you! My steam backlog is so massive right now. lol. I wish they'd go back to doing those daily and flash sales during the summer and winter sales. I swear the last 3 times I bought something during a Steam sale the game ended up in a humble bundle for the same price I bought it for, except the bundle would include 5-10 extra games. x_x
  24. Just a sort of announcement for every avid gamer out there. Steam summer sale starts today at 1PM Eastern (10AM Pacific). Below is the link for your reference:
  25. Thank you all for your wonderful greetings if that is how I suppose to call it. Wow, 17 years and this forum is still up, that only means that a lot of people still love anime and of course playing games that is on trend nowadays. You guys are so cool, you are the pioneer of this community. Anime surely keeps us all young inside. @Sledgstone I have watched both those series before, and I prefer a random genre. I will be looking forward to more interaction with you guys.
  26. Well it kinda makes sense, they did butcher the original story and boot the guy that made it. It wasn't exactly on good terms either so I doubt he would let them profit off the story they fucked up. He's probably the only one that knows what the darkness was supposed to be. it was quite the oversight. I'd love for the original script/vision/story board to leak or come out in its entirety one day.
  27. To be fair Alex I was more of an intruder than you. I never introduced myself. Then got myself into flame wars with DeathscytheX & Dubird. Never got myself banned until a certain April 1st twice for one hour each. That feels so recent yet by this September I will have been here for a decade. Zako
  28. The developers out right said they have no idea what the darkness is!? Wtf. they're removing any mentioning of "the darkness" throughout destiny 2 and when they figure out how they want to handle what the darkness is they'll explain it at a later date.. lmao. I can't believe i just heard that. The writers don't know what the big bad entity is that has turned the entire galaxy / universe into the state it's in now.. wow. I'm imaging Gandalf telling Frodo that he has a magic ring but has no idea who made it or what is coming after him to get it or how to destroy the ring. But he should definitely leave the shire and go into hiding. A story with no details or motivation. Lol. Destiny 2 is going to have an amazing plot.
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