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  2. I got to play the beta for 2 hours yesterday. It honestly felt like every other call of duty game to me again except with different maps. Except it felt like ADS was incredibly slow. I had a couple decent rounds, but for the most part I felt like I was just getting farmed constantly. I never liked Killstreaks. I think they are pointless and just give a good player an overwhelming advantage. Its one thing if a player was already an expert and can go 20-5 every round, but add killstreaks to that and that same person will be in a jet raining down death on everyone the moment they spawn and that happened repeatedly. I'm sure that person is having a blast, but I don't find it enjoyable or even remotely balanced, but thats what every call of duty game is, always has been and always will be. eh, its not my cup of tea. Oh, and yeah these maps are small but god the spawning was horrible. I'd get shot in the back so often because I'd spawn almost in front of enemies that I got used to immediately turning around after spawning to rush into somebody. The only time I knew I had a safe spawn is by looking at the mini map and seeing 1 or 2 other teammates spawning right next to me. By the end of my 2 hours I was mostly having a k/d of 1.0 and I got over rank 5 to get customizable loadouts, etc. The game is decent for what it is but its not something I'll rush out to buy. Like Battlefield 1 & V, I'm guessing I'd have a more enjoyable experience if I was playing with actual teammates I was talking to and coordinating with instead of some randoms that have static mics crackling over my audio (I had to mute mics after the 4th round, it was just people being profane or making noise for the hell of making noise). I will say tho, domination mode felt extremely similar to BF's domination and that game mode was the most fun I had out of the beta.
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  4. I got to dive into this for a few hours. Time is tight since I'm pulling over nights for inventory but what I played so far is simply great for fans of the franchise. After playing BL2 remastered, I got a little disheartened because it wasn't as good as I remembered it. Not the story, but the gameplay. It aged poorly. Floaty moment, sprint was sluggish, shooting mechanics could be wonky at times, and the vehicle mechanics were just as bad as any Halo Warthog. This was all fixed and it feels amazing. Movement is crisp, sprint is 3x faster than walk, shooting mechanics feel more like Destiny (which is what they said they studied to improve their system), and while I still dislike the vehicle controls, they are way more responsive. Playing with friends is easier than ever. You have to option to go classic co-op or the new cooperative setting which scales enemies for both players and has instanced loot. So if you're level 3 and your friend is level 30, Your friend can't oneshot everything in site while you do little to no damage to anything. Enemies are level 30 to him and level 3 to you, and they even drop corresponding loot appropriately. So you friends aren't punished with a bunch of level 3 trash loot for hours until you catch up. XD Oh and shout out to fully custom button mapping. I'm glad this is becoming more of the norm since Overwatch did it. Presets controller schemes are trash. So far the game looks great, the comedy is good, the voice acting is superb as always. Colleen Clinkenbeard is seriously my favorite female VA ever because I love her voice, and she reprises her role as Lilith. The new Clap-Trap VA easily replaces the old one thanks to the auto-tune tech. Its barely different at all. Some of the animations have been a little janky when NPCs try to look at you and talk when you're standing in funny positions, but whatever, the gameplay has been a blast so far.
  5. You have to remember that light saber crystals were extremely hard to come by during the Empire's grip on the galaxy with Palpatine outlawing the ownership of such crystals (as well as lightsabers). Plus what crystals there were were under Palpatine's control and were used in the formation of new weapons (like the Death Star Super Laser which used kyber crystals to power and shoot it). I'm assuming that what we see is a vision Rey has sometime in the movie or that Palpatine finds a way to take over her body (a power he did have) and uses whatever crystal he can find to power the lightsaber. That or she's using the red crystal Luke had (yes he has a red crystal he found in his journeys that he wore around his neck) and is using it in place of a her blue crystal (though this is a stretch and I don't know if that crystal was cracked like Kylo's is or why you'd use a red crystal in place of a stable blue). All in all it's most likely nothing serious since I highly doubt they'd make Rey fall to the dark side. Then again who knows in this "Star Wars makes no fucking sense anymore" world we live in since Disney bought the rights. Plus, being totally honest, that's the most ridiculous and stupid lightsaber design since Kylo's and I've seen plenty of bad designs. Quite honestly that little sneak peak kinda ruined my hopes of this movie being any good beyond the things that made the other two movies worth watching. The only real reason I'm going to see it once it hits streaming platforms is because I want to see how Palpatine plays into this, could really give a fuck less what else goes on in the movie (outside of Rey's development as a character). The last two films were such a disappointment considering all the lore they threw out the window to make them.
  6. I like The Parthian Battery and all, but here is Armored Skeptic to disprove all these ancient videos. Wait what? Maybe I should've went with the videos "Atlantis Is Real I Guess" & "History Is Fake I Guess (Pt 2)".
  7. Upgraded the forums today. The gallery should be working better for uploads. And we have a new our picks section at the top of the home page and bottom of the forums page (I might move these around still, haven't decided yet). Any topic, post, blog entry, gallery, gallery image, etc. can be "promoted" by an admin to appear on these pages. And when I get around to setting up the facebook and twitter accounts for the site to connect to it, these promoted items will be auto posted to those social platforms. Also, I'll be moving the site to a different hosting provider in the next couple weeks or months. Hopefully we don't run into any issues.
  8. I think I found a new web host. If all goes well I'll transfer AC over to it sometime this month. It might have slower page loads but it'll save me money and some time since I wont have to do server maintenance / troubleshooting anymore.

  9. And the first ceiling fan I put up is making a noise. -_-; I'm going to have to take it back down and adjust the damn steel mounting bracket. x_x When I did the second fan I realized I could get my phone at just the right angle to see exactly where I was mounting the damn thing. I'll have to do that for the first fan now. That'll take multiple hours this weekend. x_x

  10. Ah.. thats the kind of thing that I hate. Since I'm such a casual player this wouldn't be fun for me at all. Within the first day or two everyone will marathon the game to level 12, get the ghost perk.. but me. I'd end up being under level 12 for months and I'd get farmed repeatedly. x_x I'll definitely try out the beta if I get the time this weekend. I'm about to set it to download now.
  11. *sigh* I really hope this is beta only but after all that talk of UAV being a high streak, its 4 kills on the beta. Without a mini map its an overwhelming advantage for one team to see everything on a mini map and you don't get to see where they are when they shoot. I was ok with the lack of mini map until this came to light. And you have to suffer through this until level 12 to get the Ghost perk. This is just going to force Ghost and rocket launchers as a necessity. Terrible.
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  13. I still prefer the Tim Curry version. So wait unless you really want to see It Chapter 2.
  14. So not much of a scary movie then? I didn’t think the first one was scary. More of an eerie feel but I did like it. Was it worth the theater trip or should I wait for it to be released?
  15. Interesting. I have one for mine and definitely cant imagine not having one. Now that I think of it, its because the switch didn't originally let you save to the memory card. You could download your games to it, but all the save files went to the switch internal memory. It probably needs to update the firmware to be able to move save files to memory cards.
  16. I bought a Micro SD Card for my Nintendo Switch hoping I could save my Game Saves on their so I could later move them over to a Nintendo Switch Lite. But the Micro SD Card requires internet in order to format it. I guess Nintendo doesn't want any way for anyone to save their Dark Souls farming. …. If I were just more insane poetic justice would be Nintendo not being allowed to have Fire Insurance because that would be cheating.
  17. I just came back from the theater. It was decent but the first was better IMO. The special effects were hilarious to me. Maybe they're suppose to be, but they weren't scary. I laughed a lot during the film. I guess all the "woe is me" self pity the engrossed a good 3/4ths of the film made it drag a bit. Maybe that's how the book is. Either way it was still a good movie.
  18. Rocks & Spears may stop your fears. But that sound of water will really make me want to go to the rest room. …. I didn't see the first new It, but It has made me nostalgic for if Jeepers Creepers 3 ever happens in the 2020s. *Edit* Never mind.... Apparently Jeepers Creeps 3 happened in 2017 and failed so bad that the sequel I was waiting to happen 23 years after the first won't be happening. This is how I would rank the movies I've seen for this year so far. Ready Or Not (2019) - I doubt there will be a better ending to a movie this year than this. Hellboy (2019) - Sorry, not sorry that The Critics are Wrong. John Wick Chapter 3 - My One Big Gripe prevents it from being Number Two. It Chapter 2 - It was okay.... Anna - There are better Female Spy Movies I haven't seen. Shaft (2019) - I guess if it weren't for the violence this movie would easily be mistaken for SNL skits. Stuber - Too cliché. I'll put the Movie Bob review down below when It becomes available.
  19. Since the founding of Kickstarter I've only backed one project and that was Kung Fury. XD I recently backed two more projects. A new wallet and a retro style watch.

    I honestly don't get the whole "minimalist" wallet thing. I think it's pretty dumb actually. Before this fad even started it was hard enough for me to find a wallet with enough card slots to begin with. I have a debit card, drivers licenses, concealed carry permit, Social security card, health insurance card, dental insurance card, Kohl's card, and 3 credit cards (Visa, Master, Discover). Now that everywhere takes Visa I kinda wish I didn't have all 3, but there was a time Sam's club only took discover, and my master card was my first line of credit that just got upgraded to a mastercard when it was originally just a sears card. XD Anyways all in all I have 12-14 cards, and I feel like I always need them in case of an emergency. I don't carry cash, so the whole billfold that only holds 1 card... I don't know how people do it. I backed this Grip6 wallet because I've been using their belts and they're amazing. I also break belts a lot since I only use 1 for everything and I'm very active at my job. If it wasn't for the leather sleeve that increases card capacity to 14, i wouldn't have bothered. It's a cool concept. I use my debit card multiple times a day. All my cards that pay for stuff will go into the pop up slot. My lesser used cards like insurance and ID will go in the leather sleeve.

    I've also reinvigorated my love for watches. I own 3 in my rotation. I've lost my love for metal bracelet watches as I always break them, and leather I ruin from sweating at my job so much. I just ordered a canvas strap to replace a leather band actually. But I also love analogue watches. I don't like pulling my phone out to look at the time, its just easier to look at my wrist. I've always had a watch since I was 14. I'll never be one of those serious watch collectors that owns $5000 watches... thats too extreme. I stay under $400. I've been looking for something retro and classy to add to my collection.. buying real vintage watches is out of the question so I found this... but its only half funded with 27 days left so It may not become a thing.

    I'll never back a kickstarter game after all the shenanigans over the past couple of years, but recently I've found it to be a good source of finding things that no one else is making to my needs. I still did my research on the company/owner before backing, but hopefully I get two decent products. With all the crazy OT I've been getting lately I have the luxury to splurge a little.

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    2. Sledgstone


      That Kohls cash bonus worked amazing last black friday. If I was looking at the regular prices, its crazy, but with the sales along with the coupons and kohls cash bonus it makes it a good deal. I just don't get the marketing involved with all the coupon codes and kohls cash. Its like they want people to see the great savings and jump through extra hoops to get it. But its definitely better quality than walmart clothing.

      Flex waists ftw. XD I was hesitant at first with flex waists because they looked like they'd be thick and uncomfortable. Nope. So much more relax fitting for me, especially since I have to sit all day for work. Standing up I want my pants to be fitting right, but sitting down I don't want the waist crushing into my stomach. Flex waist is amazing. XD

      Walmart is the same way with their pants. XD I can almost never find my size, but they'll have 30 inch or 48 inch XXL no problem. XD I use to wear 36 and then 38, but now I'm down to a 32. I still can't find 32 in stock most of the time. As I've gotten older I tend to prefer sit as hip style relax jeans instead of at waist.. mostly because my hips and waist are an odd shape and at waist pants always drag down to my hips anyway. But then I want 29 inch length instead of 30 and nobody has 32x29 at hip relax flex waist. Thats my ideal jeans. XD

      I need new boots but I might go back to bass pro shop for those. I have no idea what brand I should get tho.. I want something cheap, but decent looking for going out in public while still keeping my feet warm. I can still use my big ass insulated lacrosse boots for shoveling, but they are not the best looking boot for going out in public. lol.

      I don't know about having too many lines of credit affecting the score, but too much debt definitely does. I know at one point I canceled a credit card and it didn't affect my credit score. I haven't looked at my report in a couple years so I can't remember if that card is still shown on it or not. 805 credit score is beastly, no wonder the car sales person was shocked. XD An 805 credit score can get you just about any line of credit or loan and get the best rate. For example, to qualify for a house, people need their credit to be at least 630 or so I believe, but the higher the credit score the better the mortgage rate. My credit was 780 when I got approved for my house. But house loans also require underwriting where the bank looks at everything. Credit score, work employment, length of employment, income to debt ratio, living expenses, bank accounts to verify savings of around 10% of the cost of the house to cover down payment, closing costs, inspections, etc.. and the house's value and taxes value in comparison to income and payment ability. I mention that underwriting because after they did all that for me and got me my approval for the house.. once I got the loan my credit score slowly dropped down to 680 in the following months. I have a lot of credit card debt, but I think getting the mortgage actually hit my credit score harder than the underwriting.. but I think in terms of credit score it only counted as a single inquiry into my credit. But I got another credit card for my lawn tractor in May and put over $1700 on it for the tractor. Over the last handful of months my credit score actually went back up to 720 or so.. because I got another line of credit I guess. wtf.

      Another odd thing, 5 years ago when I paid off my car loan, my credit score was 780 then too.. then like 2 months after I paid it off, my credit score dropped to 740.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Yeah paying off definitely hurts a little which is silly. I think instead of too much debt its how much debt compared to how much credit you have. I was almost $80-90k in debt at one point between my credit cards and my student loans. But thanks to discover cards ridiculously huge credit line I was still $40k under my total limit. XD I think having everything maxed out is what gets you. Credit card debt apparently is a science to the formula. I got myself into some trouble loading them all up, but I never maxed them out and I always paid on time more than the minimum, even if it was $10 more than the minimum. I have everything on autopay the minimum just so I don't miss if I forget.  I was like $30k in debt in just credit cards at one point. Now I have 2 lines with only around $500 each, and my Discover is at $6800 which I really need to work on better. Every year I had been using a large chunk of my tax returns to pay off the cards.

    4. Sledgstone


      Yeah that's what I need to do. I have a card maxed out right now. It's a pain. Buying the house ended up with us buying a crap load of stuff for the house. In the end we did to much this first year. Now we're in pay off mode. X_x 

  20. Sledgstone


    I watched that video.. that guy is guaranteed to f*ck up battlefield. I just don't know wtf DICE was thinking after BF4. BF4 had its issues, but it was solid. Vehicle combat was the best ever for the entire series and gunplay felt great.
  21. DeathscytheX

    YT thread

    Wait a different cut was released in 2006? I need to see this.
  22. DeathscytheX


    To think Battlefield was headed in the right direction to be the best choice for FPS. After BF4 is was never the same. Only gonna get worse from here on out it looks like. I'll probably never buy another BF again. The bleed out timer will even help me from caving in for a modern setting.
  23. Sledgstone


    Oh f*ck. I didn't even watch this video yet and I can already tell that will make everything a microtransaction disaster.
  24. I installed a complicated ceiling fan yesterday. The light fixture was cheap and held in place by the ceiling drywall. I had to take it out, cut a larger hole in the ceiling, install a ceiling fan support brace and electric box.. But the real bitch was there were 4 electric lines running to this light fixture as a full junction box. I had to cut and strip 12 stiff as hell wires, and run an additional 3 wires to the ceiling fan. Also stuff all the insulation back into the ceiling while gagging on the particulates of it all in the air.. and jam all those wires into the small ass box. In the end it all worked out. Took me 6 hours. wtf. The other ceiling fans I've done for Lady's mom took me around 2 1/2 hours. 6 hours was a pain. I'll have to do it again for my office room. Same thing, 4 sets of wires, ceiling fan bracket, etc. I bet I could trim 1 hour off that 6 hours tho now that I wont have to stop to search for random answers to things again.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Got my other ceiling fan installed yesterday. Took me even longer than the first one. Wtf. 7 hours to install this. I'm pleased with the end result.









    3. DeathscytheX
    4. Sledgstone


      Lmao! I felt that way to. But I had a fire extinguisher nearby just in case. XD

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