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  2. Oh my god that funeral was so f*cking sad. 😭 I just watched it and got tears in my eyes. When a show can get a reaction from the audience like that then it was amazing. The funeral was exceptionally well done. I hated Ivar and wanted to see him dead. I couldn't think of anything that would make me interested in him except his demise, but using him to introduce new characters has been very interesting.
  3. I just caught up after getting 3 weeks behind. Now that I'm wiping my eyes dry. The best character of this series is gone. Kinda F'ed up how they did it, but she was already dying from an epic fight. Hvitserk got his addictive nature from Ragnar clearly but now he'll freak out more that he's taken the one thing Ivar wants, that is if Bjorn doesn't find out what hes done first. What a masterful acting by Bjorn by the way, the monologue was excellent. I can't even get into King Harald and Ivar parts which are equally interesting. I've been kinda cruising through this season with half interest since it started out slow, but its coming together midway through. The last 2 weeks have been pretty good. Since netflix is going to do a spinoff I wonder if its going to be based on Erik the Red who I assume just debuted.
  4. Myk JL

    2020 Predictions?

    I didn't think Elizabeth Warren was nuts until Elizabeth Warren recently declared that Bernie Sanders said that a woman couldn't win about a year ago behind closed doors. If what Elizabeth Warren was saying is true why didn't Elizabeth Warren bring this up in the first debate back in 2019? And even then why would Bernie Sanders have to remind Elizabeth Warren that Bernie Sanders has for decades publicly stated a woman can become president, that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by 3 Million in 2016, AND that Bernie Sanders wanted Elizabeth Warren to run in 2016 instead of Bernie Sanders. What Elizabeth Warren has done to herself is so insane that she has donors who want a refund using #refundwarren on twitter.
  5. If they announce this event I'll ask off just so I can preorder. Otherwise I'll get in trouble at work for refreshing the amazon search. 🙄Fucking Ebay scalpers are going to be in full force. One touch amazon purchasing is the best thing ever. I remember the days of frantically typing in your credit card number hoping to get one before the bots purchased everything.
  6. Ok.. I just realized that if you type a colon and start typing the letters of a smilie, the post will auto pop up a list of smilies you are typing.. ":astonished:"  😲

    It doesn't work for smilies that start with a letter like "XD"

    ":nosebleed:" :nosebleed:

    1. Sledgstone


      I don't know how long this has been a feature but I've never seen it happen before today. XD

    2. DeathscytheX


      It's been a feature for a while 🤣

      On a side note, XD was ripped from Trillian back when we all used instant messaging. Now trillian is a business messaging tool you have to pay for with different tiers of features. I was looking at it not too long ago just out of nostalgic interest.

    3. Sledgstone


      Omg. I completely forgot about trillian. XD Its been so long i thought that smilie was from AOL IM. XD

  7. After last weeks episode I will fight anyone who says MHA is overhyped. That episode alone is worth the hype alone and is the fucking payoff I've been waiting for since I read about this arc (I both screamed like a schoolgirl and cried like a small child in the span of mere seconds, plus the music choices were spot fucking on (that english song they play is fucking powerful, tear up everytime I hear it)). MHA is a truly a unique shounen and doesn't let itself get bogged down in filler or crap. Everything moves the story forward (even the little bit of filler we've had) and everything has a purpose (even the most mundane details and characters). While I like Naruto Shippuden (I hate the original anime series with a passion (I made it as far as you did) but for some reason Shippuden resonated with me. I still need to finish watching it but it ranks up there as a great shounen series for me) and have liked my fair share of shounen shows nothing has grasped my attention or made me fall in love with the world and characters like MHA. I don't know whether we should call Horikoshi a fucking genius or not but by god has he written and drawn probably one of the best shounen series in decades.
  8. Sledgstone

    Playstation 5

    Until we get solid info from Sony, theres only speculation so far about the final list of features, prices, etc. The latest rumor I just read was this: https://bgr.com/2020/01/13/ps5-release-date-price-announcement-and-preorder-details-leaked/ If true the price will be $499 and be available for preorder early February. And there will be full backwards compatibility with digitally owned games. And ps4 controllers will be forward compatible, which would explain that new extra back button attachment that was announced.
  9. Earlier
  10. Well I'm pleased so far with the new host. *knocks on wood* I just need to make another account and transfer my other sites to it and I can shut down the old server. The total bill for the server fees is almost nothing in comparison to the old VPS account I was on. VPS was complete overkill now especially since the price got jacked up on it. The new server is shared hosting so I'm not expecting 100% reliability and speed at all times like the old server, but now it'll cost me literally 1/10th of the price per month than the VPS. And I'll no longer have to spend time doing server maintenance. Once I get the other sites moved over, the time and money I spend on AC can now be spent keeping the forum and theme software current at all times. Another couple years from now though I'll probably have to do some major work on Death by Gundam, Windscar and ancientclan.org archive to keep them functioning because they currently require a different version of php to operate correctly. Ehh... I'll worry about that in a year or so. The newest version of PHP installed on servers straight up break those 2 sites because of outdated php functions I used on those pages. I'll have to convert every single page to basically old school html to ensure they'll keep working. ehhhhhhh. It make sense why people will retire a website when faced with having to manually update thousands of individual files.
  11. Looks like hundreds of users are browsing AC in waves.. the ip#s are all almost the same, coming out of Singapore. It started like 3 days ago. Either somebody posted something very popular in Singapore, or theres some weird Singapore search engine that just wont be content until it searches through every single page on the site.

    Search engine bots running through the site:

    run away GIF


    1. Sledgstone


      And nows theres hundreds of Hong Kong ip#s... wtf. :confused:

  12. If you are seeing this post, this is the new server and everything went smoothly. Feel free to resume using the site as normal.
  13. We're going to move to a different host. If things go smoothly, it shouldn't take long. I'll update this topic with more info when available. Anything posted at this point on most likely won't transfer over. Edit. Server move is done. Welcome to the new server.
  14. Deep into my one and only mobile game, Facebook caught wind. 🙄 I've spent the past 2 weeks grinding out on Azur Lane. I've pretty much fallen in love with the simple little game. I enjoy the collecting, retrofitting, gearing, dorm managing and commissioning more than the actual missions. XD  But now I get every shit shovelware ad for mobile games on my facebook feed. Kiss of War, Raid Shadow Legends, Epic Seven, Iron Saga. I wonder how much they actually add to their playerbase/funds from these? I don't choose to hide the ads because the comments section are gold with the mockery. Of course I only get these ads on my phone while on my PC i get FFXIV ads which I already have a sub too, and some anime crate which I allow to keep showing because I've hid every other possible ad in the algorithm from showing up. I rather just keep that one around because they have nice promo art most the time.

    1. Sledgstone


      A friend of mine asked me to look up some Rec Tec smokers and now all my Facebook ads are for Rec Tec grills. XD the only Facebook ads I had to block are political ones. Trump specifically. I hate the guy, I sure as hell don't want to see his face on my feed in between posts from the meat smoking fans and pomeranian fans posts. XD

      My feed is like.. onion article, cute dog, smoked prime rib, space article, random friend posts, cat memes, kotaku article, etc. Most of my ads now are amazon and walmart products I've googled.

      One of the funniest ads I saw was for traeger grills. It was a smoker and the guy cooking ribs was wearing a suit. The comments were amazing. "When I smoke meat I always wear my suit, that way I smell like charcoal at the office." XD

    2. DeathscytheX
  15. Myk JL


    I don't trust any particular 3rd Party to honestly look out for my financial well being (IF I could). So I wouldn't try to put all my eggs into one basket. But that intro was kind of interesting.
  16. I picked this up during the a black friday sale and I'm sure as hell glad I didn't drop the full retail price on this. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a complete downgrade from the previous two games in the trilogy. Its very unfortunate. The graphics took a hit, Lara's skin looks like shes made of plastic and her hair often looks bland and in some scenarios her hair almost looks like shes standing in front of a blue/green screen. Maybe thats an issue with the HDR setting, I'm not sure. I loved hunting and crafting upgrades for my weapons and accessories in the first two games. Thats all gone now because hunting is pointless except for getting some pelts for some vestige gear.. and the vestige gear seems pointless to me because I seem to be locked into two outfits for 30% of the game so far because of blending in with the inhabitants of a city that I'm in. Hunting is nothing like it was in the first two games. Before you could shoot a boar or a deer, see it run away if you didn't get a clean shot, see the blood trail it left while you track after it in the woods.. In Shadow, as soon as you take a shot at an animal, that animal and any others in the area all make a quick b-line exit straight to what I call a "wall burrow" Every animal goes in the burrows and disappear. wtf. It completely negates hunting. Instead, Lara is now a gatherer. She has to gather every resource node.. plants, wood, dead animal pelts, random coins and cloth and even drying pelts and arrows from villagers. And when I got to the main city of the game, I realized I could "gather" from the city and sell everything to the merchants. And when I say "gather" I mean "steal". When you can literally walk up to a merchant, walk behind them, loot some cloth and oil off the floor/shelf that is behind them, walk right back up to them and sell it.. thats called theft. wtf where the developers thinking. And its not just that, I'm walking into people's houses, taking anything I see, sometimes gold, their bundles of wood next to their doors or fire pits.. and then I sell it to the merchants in the city. wtf. And then the merchants sell me all the upgrade stuff. Need a bigger quiver, go steal shit, sell stolen items and then buy that quiver. wtf. This is nothing like the first 2 games. In the other games you had to go kill a bear, harvest it's hide, gather more resources and then craft the new quiver at a camp site. I think the developer of this game gave up on all of that. I'm 50% through the game now and I'm quite disappointed. The combat took a serious hit too. As in theres hardly any. Halfway through the game and I've had only a handful of enemy encounters. I'd say a good 10 hours of this game so far has been wandering around these two shit villages/cities, gathering things, selling things and talking to people to unlock side quests to find tombs and to get more skill points. Even that is annoying because these cities are dirty. The first city has literal garbage all over the place and the second city, all the people are so dirty they're mostly wearing burlap sacks. I'm hoping the plot gets better as a the game progresses, because so far this doesn't feel like a tomb raider game at all except for the climbing and navigating the maps. The only positive thing I can say is that the tombs are challenging puzzles and have been decent although lately it feels like a rip off of Legend of Zelda, because I've already done a water temple, fire temple and wind temple..
  17. The DLC Frozen Wilds was enjoyable although a bit frustrating with some of the new enemy units. As the story progresses it becomes more clear how to defeat them, but over all... f*ck Scorchers. The story was good and some of the details of the plot from the main game are fleshed out more. It also leads into the sequel as well.
  18. Myk JL

    Alienware UFO

    As long I can use it as a Computer (without a threat that I shouldn't, Steam Machine) I want one.
  19. Myk JL


    Also New Guy looks like Max G from Brain Dump.
  20. DeathscytheX


    Maybe there is some hope for a least a section of EA.
  21. This is very true, shit there would be at least 5 shows in the last 2 years that would make my list. I don't care what anyone says about MHA being "overhyped" Its the most dynamic Shonen in years if not ever. People will always hype that Naruto is the greatest ever. I'm not even going to argue because I never got to watch pass the Chunin exams. But I know it suffers from the exact issues every other shonen except MHA does. Filler garbage arcs. The seasonal format gets rid of all the bloat and just gives use the mostly good stuff. Plus I think it benefits from the effect of absence makes the heart grow fonder. The story forces it self into situations where it can't fall upon the same ole same ole formula to victory like DBZ. The animation quality is spectacular for a genre that requires various intense scenes with a lot of action. It almost reaches a Fullmetal Alchemist level of a large cast that is equally important across the board. Either way, haters gonna hate. It deserves the praise it gets. Its hard to stand out in the overcrowded world of Shonen.
  22. Hey nothing wrong with that. Arkada's video covered more shows that I watched then Geoff's so I would of most likely gone with his as well (Nichijou is the only other one on his list that I've seen which is a fucking amazing show in its own right). It's not surprising that Geoff had it on his list as Yazy is head over heels in love with APN (I follow her on twitter (well her Tenleid account anyways) and she's gone off on more then a few tangents about her love for the manga and the anime, so much so that I'm honestly considering starting to read it). Plus Arkada had Saga of Tanya the Evil on it and that already wins in my book since it's one of the few gems from the decade and it had Miss Kobayashi on it which is such an adorable show (and I can't wait for the second season (hopefully it doesn't get cancelled but I fully understand if it does due to the events of the past year)). A Place Further than the Universe has been on my list to watch since it started airing but I just had no time to get around to watching it (a shame since a lot of people liked it, might get around to it in the next few weeks since it looks like the winter season for anime is a dud for me (there's only one show I'm picking up for sure (Laid-Back Camp S2) and one or two others I might give a try)). Anohana is another one that I've been meaning to watch but I know it's going to destroy me so I've been pushing it off (though I should just bite the bullet and watch it already). Quite frankly I wouldn't have a list as there was to many good shows that came out in the last decade (I mean we've got My Hero, Fire Force, Demon Slayer, Fruits Basket, Sora no Woto, Amanchu, Occult Academy, and the list just goes on) though I can with full confidence say that Violet Evergarden is my anime of the decade. I've already gushed about it in the thread dedicated to it so my reasons are there but quite honestly it's probably one of the best shows ever made and only holds the second position of all time favorite anime because it just can't live up to Aria for me (I love and adore Aria so much and I could write pages upon pages behind why I do but I'll spare you all my obsessive fan gushing).
  23. Mother's Basement had Promised Neverland, I just picked Arkada's list for more bias reasons since I've seen most of what he has on there even though I wouldn't put some of them in my top of the decade despite enjoying them thoroughly. Both had Mob Psycho which I adore, and A Place Further than the Universe which I guess I need to watch now. Plus I knew he'd have Evergarden which would absolutely be on my list. Death Parade is criminally underrated. I'll raise an eyebrow at JoJo's though, I could only make it through 2 seasons before It got a bit too wacky for my liking And I watch A LOT of garbage. My top 10-25 list would be all over the place since my anime pallet is not as refined I'll leave this here since it's what I was originally coming to post. 😛
  24. Gah, I get this is his own personal favorites of the decade list but by god putting A Silent Voice in the honorable mentions category is a fucking crime. That movie alone deserves a fucking spot in the top 10 of any anime of the decade list and deserves Your Name's place on that list (hey, I'll shill for Shinkai until the day I die and I fucking adore Your Name ranking it up there as his best film to date and as one of my all time favorite anime movies but it's a travesty not to place A Silent Voice in that list. The raw emotion, excellent story telling, and wonderful animation beats out Your Name any day). My name is Strider and thank you for attending my TED talk today. Other then that and the fact A Promised Neverland isn't on there (it's still my anime of the year, nothing has kicked it out of that spot yet) and I haven't seen quite a few of those shows I have to say from the ones that did line up with what I watched we have similar ideas on what constitutes good anime (it's surprising how much my tastes in anime line up with Arkada's. If it wasn't for him I'd of never watched Laid-Back Camp, which is up there as one of my all-time favorite shows to date (such a lovely show and so relaxing)).
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