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  2. Myk JL

    YT thread

    I now believe Arlo is a prequel to Grouch.
  3. Myk JL

    Death Stranding

    I rather play The Stanley Parable.
  4. I would say this would induce a bigger backlash than Diablo Immortal, but I don't think enough people even care about Half-Life anymore to get mad about it.
  5. Myk JL

    The Jimquisition

    Here is The Ekans episode. And here is a video of most Pokémon that should never been cut. My partner would've been Lopunny because Lopunny has 140 in Base Friendship. Would've been as I rather look at Adult Fan Art than play a child friendly game. And IF I could've chosen who had to be cut it would've been Unbreedable Sexless "Genderless" Male Only or Female Only Consisting Of Multiple Bodies body style Consisting Of Only A Head body style Consisting Of Only A Head And A Base body style Consisting Of Only A Head And Arms body style Any Pokémon tied to the above. Gotta Breed 'Em All....
  6. Myk JL

    Path of Exile 2

    I had gotten this game confused for a moment with Pillars Of Eternity II which will eventually be ported to the Nintendo Switch. I would definitely have the habit of playing as a Werewolf if this was ported over to Nintendo Switch as well.
  7. Wow. That sounds like a completely different style of game than I was expecting. I never got into DS games so I might be better off watching a play through off this than playing it.
  8. Let me preface this by saying that I've never played Dark Souls or that style of game. After talking with some friends who have, let me state that if you don't like Dark Souls or that type of game, this game is probably not for you. I didn't know what to expect coming into this. The devs said DS was their inspiration and they've seemed to borrow heavily from the mechanics. When you start the game it asks you to pick a difficulty. There is Story, Normal, Hard, and Jedi Master I believe? Each difficulty has a set of meters to show you what you're getting into. Story being the easiest has the parry timing meter maxed out, and the damage taken really low. So even if you don't like DS games but you want to experience the story, they are accommodating to that. Basically the harder the difficulty the more damage you take and hitting the parry moves are unforgiving if you mistime it. Combat is slow and methodical. You must block, dodge, parry, and choose when you attack. Only the most basic enemies can you slice down without much thought. And there aren't many of those unless they're served as fodder to allow the bigger enemies to try to get a hit in on you while you're distracted. At least at first. As I gain more force abilities I've noticed combat against mobs is getting easier. But to start out you only have an ability to slow a single target. You can block almost everything, but at the cost of a stamina meter. Which I've only ran out of once so far. Each enemy type has an unblockable attack. When this triggers they'll glow red letting you know you must parry. I'd say you can only get 2-3 swings of your saber in at a time before having to evade or parry. The bigger beasts I don't have much problem with, but Storm Troopers with rocket launchers are bullshit. They're always far away on a pearch shooting rockets while you're occupied with smaller enemies. Rockets hurt, and they can't be dodged or deflected. You just have to back roll or run away out of the blast. The only advantage is that they may accidentally shoot their own men and kill them saving you a little bit of time. One other gripe I have is trying to parry on a narrow area. This game doesn't have many if any invisable walls or any kind of mechanic that will assist you from falling off the edge. Sometimes fights take place on narrow structures and when you parry, if you do it just a little wrong you'll fall off the side and die. Also leveling up results in skill points. There are no true levels, but if you get killed by someone/thing in between skill points you lose all that XP. You can go back and hit the enemy that killed you to get all the XP back, but it has a time limit on. Save locations act as your place to spend skill points and "rest". The HP system relies on healing canisters that as far as I can see only replenish when you choose rest at these areas. It will also refill your HP bar. When you do this it will also respawn every enemy you've killed in the area. You'll have to choose wisely on if full HP is helpful too you. For the most part these points are placed well for the pace of the story, but a few are a bit of an asshole. So far every map has had places I can't get into until I get the right force powers. While fighting mechanics can be stressful, I'd say the game is 70% puzzles and exploring and 30% battle. With that you'll find hidden chests with health cannister expansions and cosmetics. The light saber has 5 different customizable parts, and your outfit, BD1, and your ship can all be skinned by things you find in the chest. Its an interesting experience by far for me. I never wanted to play a DS style game but here I am, it will probably be the only one.
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  10. Rule 34 reminding me why I hate (certain) Sonic Fans.
  11. Since its only 6 eps it shouldn't be hard to keep the quality up. Honestly it's for the best. With only a series budget rather than a blockbuster film budget they'll be forced to cut corners and be more innovative than just relying on green screens. They'll have to be more traditional in their approach. I can totally look pass some spotty CGI for the really good practicals they had. Oh the quality of the cartoon is absolute ass. I watched the first ep and even with its original aspect ratio... being stretched on a big smart TV it looks rough. You'd basically need to get an old school 20in CRT TV to see it in its best quality.
  12. My PC got screwed again. It wasn't just that memory stick. After I pulled a different memory stick, my hard crashes 90% stopped. I was still getting crashes about once or twice a day, but this time it was giving me blue screen errors instead of solid random crashes every 15 mins - 1 hour. All my drivers are up to date, but I kept getting driver_irql_not less or equal crashes with iastora.sys as the issue or it'd be a kmode_exception crash with no driver stated. Turns out iastora is the hard drive driver. I was worried my hard drive was failing. Doesn't look like it is. What I did was manually change the driver from the installed "Intel C220 series chipset SATA AHCI Controller" driver to the "Standard SATA AHCI Controller". As far as I can tell, that Intel driver was a couple years old and I'm guessing was not communicating correctly with my motherboard. Thats my guess at least. The motherboard has had multiple firmware updates over the year, including one earlier this year but that hard drive driver was still 2 years old. The new standard driver is recent as of this year. So far so good. Its been 3 days now and not a single crash of any kind. My PC seems stable now so I'm starting to reinstall my games and maybe I'll have the time to do that server transfer of AC since I won't have to worry about my PC crashing in the middle of a FTP connection.

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    2. Sledgstone


      Everything was working great, then windows update kicked in yesterday. -_-; last night I got another IRQ bluescreen crash. wtf. Only the one crash so far.

    3. DeathscytheX


      Its because you had me check my Necro build. XD GW2 was running like absolute shit because windows wants to update everytime I start the game up. So once I decided to launch GW2, windows pushed through and update. XD

    4. Sledgstone


      Lmao. Windows update strikes again. XD

  13. I'm glad the first ep is good. Hopefully the quality stays up to par. Oh... I'm glad they have those cartoons. I have old copies of them but the quality is pretty garbage. I'll get D+ eventually, but I'll wait those 6 weeks and do the trial. I know they had promos for buying 3 years upfront for a reduced price and verizon unlimited plans get it free for a year. I didn't get that 3 year deal and my Verizon plan isn't eligible. Its only $6 a month but I've been trying to reign in my random spending. Maybe they'll have a discount plan for black friday. I'm tempted to get a hulu combo with it, but the only combo I saw had D+, hulu and espn.. I almost never watch sports, its bad enough my cable subscription forces all the sports channels on me when I don't watch any of them, I hate seeing streaming services bundling sports too. ehh.
  14. That looks 1000x better than the garbage they released before. Huge improvement.
  15. The first ep was really good. The practical effects are on par with the movies and they need to stick with it for the most part. The CGI was good until they had characters ride on CG creatures and it kind fell apart. Clearly the characters were CGed in these shots causing some slightly jarring effects. Even stationary though it looked like prequel level aged effects. However some one of the biggest CGI pieces near the start looked superb, and all the ship and planet stuff looked movie quality. The story set up was really good, the action sequences were awesome, and there was some old style star wars dry humor which I appreciated. I hope they stick with that and not the forced new age irl slang that just clashes with the SW universe. If you want to wait 6 weeks for the show to be over just to use the free trial and binge it, don't search anything related to the series. The end of the ep was a doozy and the spoiler has exploded with anything related to the show. On a side note D+ has the 90s X-Men and Spiderman cartoons... all of it.
  16. Probably because it has that late 90s early 00's feel. Its drawn me in like Cop Craft did. Its a nice mix of dark and gritty with a splash of humor in the right spots. I'm enjoying it so far and I'm liking these crime/cop style shows that feel a little old school. Yeah I've noticed, I didn't watch MIX last season because I really just don't dig baseball at all, but I also had no interest in Badminton but I watched Hanebado! a few season ago and thought it was just outstanding. Which oddly enough is in this post on page 1. I guess I better add an Old but Gold. I really should go back and watch this.
  17. You'd be surprised. Hell Shion no Ou is an anime about shogi and its fucking amazing (though it does have other plot elements going on). Aria is a show about cute girls with gondolas and it's amazing. It's funny how the Japanese can take something that seems mediocre and turn in into the best damn thing you've never done. Might as well leave one myself. Probably my favorite OP out the this season's new offerings (I don't count Fire Force's new one (though it is a banger, still like the first OP better)). Hell for a bonus here's the ED as well (my favorite of this season). I don't know what it is about this show but I love everything that's going on in it from the story, characters, and the music. I definitely wasn't thinking this show would become a favorite of mine when I heard of it and I'm glad to say it has become my favorite of the season.
  18. Wasn't a particularly memoriable anime, but the opening was really good. This is probably one of the most under the radar series going right now. I dunno how a show about playing a Koto can be so damn good, but it really is. The character development is what makes this show what it is along with the music. The opening melody is so beautiful too. Season 2's OP is pretty good, but this one is just magical.
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