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As im sure some people have noticed i've started making Wallpapers for my desktop at resolution 1680x1050 bases on comic superheroes.

will post them as i make them ^_^

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Hulk was the shortest to make as i used the fewest images, the challenge was that Hulk is so bulky, only larger pictures sufficed. Also modern and dated pictures of the Hulk are of a very distinct drawing style so finding ones that flowed wasnt easy. I settled on using artist style pictures mixed with World War Hulk images as opposed to the most modern Rulk style currently being applied.

hulk is one of my favorite 'Heroes' though not truly a hero, he spends more time fighting heroes then villains. After Planet Hulk arc i really wanted Hulk to get his revenge. And in WWH he delivered, there wasn't a person on Earth who didn't receive an epic ass whooping if they had it coming. My only beef with Hulk is his inconsistancy, Hulk can go rounds with Thor a God, also taken a Gamma (nuclear) bomb to the face point blank with no damage yet Wolverine and Captain America have both gone the 9 yards on him. Wolverines Adamantium may be shard and unbreakable, but he should lack the strength to cut the Hulk. and caps shild blocking Hulks punch should have shattered every bone in his body to atoms. ah well comics hey...

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Surprisingly this took the longest. The images took forever to find and getting ones that fitted in terms of artist style was also a challenge. I wanted pictures of superman that showed he was a man and could be hurt, and contrary to the absolute wuss he is portrayed in Smallville, often gets in brutal fist fights and not afraid to kick some ass. The top right image is one that makes the picture for me. Clark Kent is who Superman created, he was born Superman, so seeing him with his father as Clark set the image of who he is. A small pic of Batman and Wonder Woman were essential. They are probably the ones he trusts and depends on most as well as butts heads over ideals and ethics.

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I'm looking at the hulk pic in at the top left, did Hulk ever actually rip wolverine in half in a comic? Yeah, I don't see how wolverine or captain america could stand a chance against the hulk.

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      Last Spring was an anime season of epicness. This season is of charm and adorableness. Meiji Tokyo Renka, My Roommate is a Cat, The Quintessential Quintuplets, and ENDRO have all captured my heart and they're not even my favorites this season. I'll def have my work cut out for me doing a full review at the end.
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