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Pompeii - Teaser Trailer


Set in the days leading up to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, a slave on a ship heading for Naples works to get home to save the woman he loves and his best friend, a gladiator trapped inside the city's coliseum.

Pompeii will be in theaters February 2014.

Not much is shown in this trailer until the last 40 seconds, but from what I see, I'll keep my eye on this movie because it seems to have potential.

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A predictable movie doesn't necessarily mean its a bad movie though if the characters & / or plot come off as dull I can only guess the movie isn't for me.


In which case I already hate "The Pchan Movie" based on the fact I've read the text to it more than I care to think about it.

  1. Pchan declares to hate a movie he hasn't yet seen.
  2. If the movie is liked by anyone in the forum Pchan needs to emphasis how much it still sucks.
  3. Pchan begrudgingly sees movies & still hates it.
  4. Pchan then recites other websites movie critics hate for the movie.
  5. Even if Pchan doesn't accept that no one will agree with his view he'll still act as if he was right all along about his opinion when most if not all of the forum doesn't really care about his opinion.
  6. Pchan starts this cycle again & again despite the fact the results tend to be the same.
  7. Is it possible Pchan just likes to troll other people who might like the movie? No!
  8. Plot Twist?!
  9. Pchan talks a lot about his favorite TV shows & this is soon followed by Pchan's favorite sports proving once & for all that Pchan secretly works for Microsoft when it comes to advertising for Xbox One.
  10. TV! TV! TV! Sports! Sports! Sports! TV! TV! TV! Sports! Sports! Sports!


As for Pompeii.... I don't feel the need to watch it. However it did give me the urge to watch Dante's Peak again.

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Looks dumb. We all know what's going to happen.


I'm going to make an movie about the Alamo where Davey Crocket and Daniel Boone destroy the Mexican army, impales them all on steaks and the US takes over half of Mexico XD


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I'm going to make an movie about the Alamo where Davey Crockett and Daniel Boone destroy the Mexican army, impales them all on steaks and the US takes over half of Mexico XD



But that would just ruin the whole plot to the sequel named The Mexican / American War where the US in fact has the ability to take over all of Mexico but then settles for buying off half they wanted at gun point.




Seriously dammit.... The US could've taken all of Mexico if it didn't chicken out.... What The F*** happened in that time to turn them into a bunch of pansies.... War Of 1812.... Failed to take over Canada.... Lost part of Maine.... At least we got a national anthem.... then Mexican / American War after Alamo was lost for being on what was a controversial border.... We won that?.... Gee.... Better not take this country over by force even though that's what we would've done with Canada....

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Post of the week, Myk. I salute you, that was a lot of fun to read. 


I do agree with what you say about knowing what it could be about and still being good. Completely agree. I try to go watch things because I kinda like giving it a chance. I know I can't hike up that high, but I still like to try it out and few sweaty hours later, I feel good I could. So yeah, this's coming from someone who watched Drive Angry and thought it was fun.


I'm gonna end up watching this regardless. Just being honest about my first reaction heh.

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I watched this movie yesterday.. it was pretty much a rip off of the movie Gladiator. The CG effects for the volcano were good. I was very surprised Kiefer Sutherland was in this, he must have owed somebody a favor. XD This movie was more like a very high quality Syfy movie. It was decent to watch once, but definitely not something I'd rush out to buy on bluray.

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    • Sledgstone

      Black friday sales started early so I bought a 4k HDR 50 inch samsung tv. I'm pleased with it. The blacks this tv gets still blows my mind. I doubt I'll buy a PS4pro, but in the mean time my regular PS4 has HDR.. but I only have one game that actually takes advantage of it and thats Uncharted 4. I don't think I'll be replaying it any time soon just to see the graphical difference, but regardless this tv upscales like a champ. Everything looks significantly better. Thats a hell of a lot better upscaling than blu ray players do for dvds. Its a night and day difference.
      I put on Rise of the Tomb Raider last night and Battlefield 1 and the quality is top notch. Game mode works with HDR for this tv, so I can put on game mode for reduced input lag which is nice without affecting quality. It also has bitstream audio pass through which works great with my old receiver for surround sound.
      The tv has Motion rate 120 instead of true 120 hz refresh rate which I didn't know was a different thing when I was buying the tv. But thats ok, I doubt the PS5 when it eventually comes out will even come close to 60 fps at 4k and my current pc graphics card will no way in hell do any better than 60 fps at 4k so I'm pretty much set for future proofing at the moment.. at least for the next 4-5 years probably. And motion rate 120 is a bit nuts. I had to turn the judder down on that. It makes everything so fluid its like everything was filmed like a soap opera.  I never realized more fps on a movie would look so different.  But the biggest downside is for animated titles. It cause a bit too much of a blur effect as the tv basically fills in the games to increase the fps.. its not good for animated shows.
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      R.I.P. Stan Lee. You will be missed.
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    • Strider Hiryu

      Sigh, I actually had to break down and get a FunimationNow account because half the shows I was planning on watching on CR got pulled yesterday (and I didn't actually realize Funi had the license). Going to go broke if this shit keeps happening >.<
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    • Sledgstone

      I still haven't had the time to play any of the GW2 halloween event and it ends tomorrow. but i did get the new entrance to my deck completed. I cut a good chunk of the wood fence off, reinforced it with pieces of 2x4, sanded it and reinforced adjacent parts of the deck with huge deck screws. I borrowed my friend's impact driver. Holy crap I need to buy one of these. That thing is beastly and amazing.
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    • DeathscytheX

      Red Dead Redemption 2 is a testament to what single player games can be when you spend years developing them rather than 1-2 years and throw them out there with endless sequels. It would take me a few hours to hammer out my initial thoughts on this game. The level of detail is truly spectacular. My one concern was having to juggle all the health/stamina and weapon maintenance, but somehow Rockstar made it very uncumbersome to where its there, but you don't really have to worry about it every few minutes... I've gone hours without having to rest or use consumables. I've found myself getting lost in just tracking/hunting for hours. The amount of random side content is astonishing. After I get off work tomorrow, I'll have a whole week to dive into it and get lost. I'm really looking forward to it.
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