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KITE Live Action Film


I've never seen Kite, two of them are on netflix now I assume because of this project... I wont watch them however, because the customer reviews claim they are heavily edited.

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I've seen the original Kite and Kite Liberator (new main character that takes place after first OVA). Honestly you're not really missing much by not seeing them. Kinda meh in my opinion. The version of the Kite OVA on Netflix is the completely edited version that cuts out all sex scenes and most of the extremely violent acts that take place in the show (there are three versions of the original OVA). The only real thing you miss, story wise, is her motivation for doing what she does at the end of the OVA which honestly really isn't much. Your choice if you want to actually watch it but I'd say don't waste your time.


Outside of the curiosity thats being piqued by how true they'll stay to the source material I have no real need or want to watch the live-action adaptation when it comes out (plus it's an American adaptation, anything and everything that's deemed bad for American morals will be but out). Plus after watching the first two minutes of the trailer it looks rather horrible.

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Kite was an interesting anime for me when I first watched it, mostly because of the amount of violence in it. Considering how young I was when I first watched it, it really made me realize how drastically different anime can be compared to US cartoons. Aside from that, I wasn't a big fan of the anime. I watched it maybe twice? This movie seems like it will fail to me. Like Eppy said, its a mostly action movie.. but the trailer showed more talk than action.. ehh. Maybe if they had whatsherface that plays Hit Girl in it, then I'd probably watch it.


I'm surprised Kite is being made into a movie.. if hollywood wants to make old animes into movies, I hope they make Vampire Hunter D next. :P


Dragonball Evolution was a horrible movie. I watched it just so I could see how bad it was made.. oh man.. it ranks up there with Super Mario Brothers in terms of how off mark all the characters and plot was compared to the source material.

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Well Neon Genesis Evangelion is still floating out there, and Akira is being made. NGE won't come close to the source material if they tried to make it.


I don't know what you're talking about. Super Mario Bros is a cinematic masterpiece. XD XD XD

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