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Godzilla - Official Main Trailer [HD]

Myk JL
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Not clicking that. Off topic - my fascination with clicking on movie trailers to find out a 2 and a half minute plot summary with spoilers is at the lowest. If I'm interested in a movie, I'll watch it, regardless of the trailer. If it sucks, it sucks. Depends on the subject matter or who's involved in the project. 

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I like the sounds of the monsters and the sound track so far from that clip. I wonder if it will follow the classic form of Godzilla getting his ass kicked, and then regrouping to wreck its ass mercilessly. The Asia trailer shows a different encounter of the beast flying towards Godzilla.


I'm going to splurge and purchase buttery popcorn and a large coke for this one. lol

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I liked it, but I think it could have focused a little more on the monster battles. Hopefully if there is a sequel it will do just that. The roar in the theater was outstanding... it was so loud it almost hurt... some people might not like that. lol


The first two appearances of Godzilla were teases, cutting off the action as it was about to go down to focus on the human characters. With the more fluid and natural movement Godzilla had than a man in a suit could ever dream of, it would have been nice to see him in action more.


The US military plan was beyond stupid, after failing multiple times, they kept trying to do the same thing.


The build up for the radiation breath was epic. and Godzilla killing the female MUTO was brutal.


I didn't like how they had Godzilla pass out after every fight, it made him seem weak. The scientific explanation about the monsters feeding off the radiation of the earth's core put a handicap on him.

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Honestly the next one should definitely be Godzilla vs. Ghidorah. Not only does this film set it up nicely... with how advance the CG was, Ghidorah would look outstanding.

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The movie was awesome for what it was, Gareth delivered and it was worth the wait. Cheese in many parts but I was a happy pup. I keep hearing mixed reviews and people need to know what to expect from a Gareth movie like they know what to expect from a Bay or Spielberg or Cronenberg film. 

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II finally watched Godzilla 2014 & it is awesome.

  • I could be wrong but did that kid have a picture of Godzilla 1998 on his wall?
  • An American family living in Japan feels a little off but I rather not complain about it since I don't complain about previous white Marvel characters no longer being white.
  • I laughed a little over the floppy disk only to remember that scene probably would've taken place in 1999.
  • The MUTOs faces look similar to Graboids from Tremors but with large orange eyes.
  • The electric going out in Las Vegas reminded me a little of an episode of Megas XLR.
  • I'm a little disappointed that the MUTOs had the same Egg plot point as Godzilla 1998, but less threatening as the MUTOs weren't attacking humans unless they were attacked.
  • The MUTOs nuzzling was probably my favorite part of the movie.
  • Godzilla Wins! Though the plot to why Godzilla hates the MUTOs feels lacking. My guess is Echo Location could be a weakness or just annoys the 2014 version.
  • I don't see why anyone would assume Godzilla was fighting for humans. And the scene where Godzilla is swimming with the US ships was actually the US military trying to surround Godzilla.
  • I hope one of the MUTOs eggs survived; preferably Female.
  • I'm glad the US Military was worthless when it came to fighting Giant Monsters.
  • Godzilla not really being in his own movie didn't bother me much. though I guess that either the movie wanted to emphasis the MUTOs were a threat even though they really weren't. Or they didn't want to focus on Godzilla walking which I didn't find as goofy as I thought I would.
  • The only real threat here was humans using Nuclear Energy. Unfortunately none of them regret it. And the US military was stupid enough to think Nukes would solve the problem.


Beyond that Godzilla 1998 is still my favorite Godzilla since I find her hot. And no its not he as men don't produce eggs. Something fiction writers fail to comprehend about Science.

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Godzilla 98 would have been a good movie if it wasn't called Godzilla.

My bad I was referring to the giant lizard in the 1998 version; not the movie itself.

I think 2014 version definitely has the right elements for a Godzilla movie.

I still find Godzilla 1998 better than Dragon Wars which I have 0 fond memories of.



In order to see Godzilla 1998 properly used as a character you'd have to watch Godzilla The Series

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