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I finally watched this, and while I thought it was good, and the end fight was epic Rocky style.... the training sequences seemed pretty shitty and didn't make it believable that he was ready to go. The story was good, the characters were good, but they could have done a rap remix of Hearts on Fire or something if the original was too 80s. XD I mean they tried to do the old grungy gym thing, but it felt like he did most his training at the hospital. I guess the mid movie fight was supposed to do the job, and the bet fight near the beginning was suppose to be some "Clubber Lang" type moment. But none of it was convincing to me. Now that I say that, It would have been cool to have Mr. T get in on some training action. :P

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On 1/29/2017 at 11:59 PM, DeathscytheX said:

the training sequences seemed pretty shitty and didn't make it believable that he was ready to go.

I agree about that. It doesn't matter how much training he was doing solo or even in the gym, with only a couple of actual pro matches for experience he should have gotten his ass handed to him in that end fight. A Mr. T cameo would have been amazing. XD

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      I finished Fate/Zero and I'm into season two of Fate/Stay. I really hate how Saber keeps getting screwed over. She's such a nice and honorable character. :( I'm waiting for her overdue redemption.
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      Happy new year!
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