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Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DLC


Watch_Dogs is back with a brand new DLC. Play as T-Bone and take on the Blume Corporation in this all new single player story . Season Pass holders get early access September 23rd. Bad Blood will be available for purchase on September 30th for everyone!

I never bought the season pass, but I would definitely like to play this DLC. I think I'll wait on reviews for it first tho. I don't want to drop cash on this if its only a single mission DLC. If its a mini campaign then I'll pick it up.

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Seems like it's a mini campaign by the looks of the trailer (they call it a campaign at the end of the vid). I guess this means I should get off my lazy ass and beat Watch Dogs before this comes out since I have the season pass.

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I like dlc for single player if it adds to the campaign or if it's a side story that's longer than a couple missions. A couple of the SR3 dlc were enjoyable because of the clone missions. And the last of us dlc that was a prequel was great from what lady has told me. I need to play that dlc now that I'm thinking about it. I would have loved a campaign dlc for tomb raider but all it's dlc was multiplayer based. I didn't buy any of it.

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