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Rambo The Video Game - Trailer


I remember playing Rambo on the original NES and it was horrible. Now Rambo has made a come back to video games.. a console generation too late. This game looks like it should have been released about 4 years ago and pales in comparison to whats on the market now. Rambo will be released on February 18, 2014.

Source: http://www.rambothevideogame.com/

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My problem with a Rambo video game is it emphasizes the sequels. Some burly white dude fights non white dudes in the name of freedom. In which case it was spunkgargleweewee before spunkgargleweewee....


I guess I would've want of such a video game if it was Tropic Thunder.... Though they would have to still replace Ben Stiller with someone like Nicolas Cage or Bruce Willis if they were really going for a good video game....


But back to Rambo. If they really, really wanted to make a good Rambo video game then it would only be based on the 1982 movie, First Blood. It could probably outdo GTA 4 in telling a story about a man who wants to go somewhere but is blocked of by crooked cops.


And if they had any sense of humor at all they could add in a Cat Skin for Rambo.... DAMN YOU CROOKED SHERIFF WILL TEASLE!.... All Rambo wanted was a Cheeseburger!

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Lmao, This looks terrible. I can deal with the outdated graphics, but the mechanics of the game look like any shitty game they try to bring out before the movie. I've never heard of the studios that pop up at the beginning.

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