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PAYDAY 2 Death Wish Update


Here is the trailer for the free update for the PC version of PAYDAY 2, which adds the Death Wish difficulty option to heists. Before this, heist contracts had normal, hard, very hard, and overkill difficulties. With death wish, Bulldozers have more armor, and are equipped with LMGs rather than shotguns. No word on if or when this update may hit console versions... and if it will be free.

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Overkill is hard enough, but apparently you can't host a death wish heist until level 80. Once you get in the 50s it starts becoming a grind to level up. I would spam overkill quick stealth hiests and ones where I could collect the loot and bunker down hoping I picked the right spot out of 2-4 where the getaway van shows up. Now if you do too many of the same heist contract in close proximity you will get less xp and eventually none until you start taking up different and possibly less desirable contracts.

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Here is the Trailer to PAYDAY2's Big Bank Heist DLC. At E3 it was announced that Overkill has committed to 20 more months of development for PAYDAY2 which will continue to feature paid DLC and free updates. Since the franchise debuted it has quickly become the second largest user community on Steam.


The PAYDAY series is handled pretty differently from other games. The games are $30, and the DLC goes for dirt cheap ($2-5) on steam sales not too long after they come out. Also, if anyone you know has the DLC, you can play the DLC with them without buying it... not only does that include maps but also special equipment drops or anything else that can be shared among players in a heist. Since PAYDAY2 has come out the game has changed a lot, and a lot of free stuff has been added. One time they made changes to where it was almost impossible to stealth missions anymore... after the fans cried out, they later added new skill sets and other aspects that made stealth possible again, while making the gameplay more rich at the same time... all for free. I'll buy any PAYDAY game that comes out in the future because the dev's really care about the product and I've always got my money's worth out of the game.

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It depends on its structure. This is the first heist you can pre-plan. normally you can just buy assets and they show up in random places. For this you can buy assets and actually place them strategically. The devs said if the community likes it, it will be put on all the heists.


Some heists can be completely done in stealth, and are easier that way... getting caught could make these types of heists insanely difficult as the cops can shut off power and/or disrupt/jam/break your equipment slowing your progress. Completely all phases of these heists without being seen will give you a significantly larger amount of XP and pay. Other heists can partially be done in stealth and then a predetermined event will alert the cops and you will have to go loud to finish things up. And then there are grinder heists which are loud all the way through.


I'm thinking Big Bank is partial stealth because you have to drop a large object from a crane and that will def set off alarms. XD


Here is a good preview of the heist.

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