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Overkill's The Walking Dead


Robert Kirkman announces that PAYDAY2 developers OVERKILL will be making a co-op shooter based on The Walking Dead!

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This is going to be a great game. If they follow the payday model they will keep adding and improving the game for a few years. They'll also add paid and free dlc and friends can play the dlc as long as one person owns it.

Payday has a huge cult following on steam, but the games have never had huge marketing /advertising. TWD title is going to bring a lot of new players who have never played an overkill game before. This game is going to be brutally hard. More difficult than a lot of casual gamers/AAA title gamers are use to. There will be some stealth missions, but overkill doesn't let you off the hook everytime. It's going to make L4D seem like a cake walk by comparison.

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They make the AI players decent enough to revive you and they have a crap ton of health, but you can't get any tactical value out of them in a game that requires such things. On payday, if it's a stealth mission they'll stick around at the spawn til you blow it. I guess they make them good enough to play but make you want to play with real people that can build and repair stuff.

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