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Miscrosoft IllumiRoom: Turn your room into the game!



Kotaku reports that Microsoft and Samsung have teamed up to immerse your gaming experience into a whole room. Using the next gen kenect, projections will illuminate your room after it has been scanned for size and furniture. This explaines earlier leaked documents which showed "hologram-like" technology for the supposed next gen console from Microsoft.

Previously reported:


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And instead of those annoying red arrows that show up when you are being hit or shot at, maybe it can flash the wall red on that side of the TV you're being damaged from. I never really found the arrows useful because now days the whole screen flashes red, and I panic trying to find what's hitting me, I don't have time to look at the red arrow blended in with the red kool-aid vision I'm beating hit with.


This could also be useful to set some neat ambient environmental effects. You could definitely set up some epic scenery with rain, and have the projections portray lightning effects. Perhaps tree off screen can rustle their leaves in the wind. The applications for horror games have a lot of potential... things can be crawling on your walls, they can slightly blur the off screen to keep you paranoid... or just flash things temporarily to catch you off guard.

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Hell yeah, that all sounds awesome. The damn red hit indicators always annoy me. Half the time when I see one to the side, I rotate to that side just to see the hit marker rotate a bit with me and not give me any real indication where I'm being hit from. -_-

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 Half the time when I see one to the side, I rotate to that side just to see the hit marker rotate a bit with me and not give me any real indication where I'm being hit from. -_-


YES!! That makes me so mad.

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