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Humble Indie Bundle 11


Humble Indie Bundle 11 features six top-notch indie games, just name your price. Pay what you want for the magical Mex-inspired action-platformer, Guacamelee! Gold Edition, the gorgeous action RPG, Dust: An Elysian Tail, the atmospheric puzzle-platformer, The Swapper and the blistering hardcore platformer, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, which includes a sweet digital comic. Pay more than the average price and you'll also unlock the mind-bending psychological exploration game, Antichamber, and the adrenaline-pumping heist game, Monaco: What's Yours is Mine.


This bundle looks great. Dust: An Elysian Tail is an amazing game.

btw, I know I didn't make a topic for the last Sid Meier Bundle, I was going to but the games didn't really seem to grab my attention. It seems that a lot of people really love those games though. Maybe after I play Civ 5 I'll understand the appeal. :|

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I bought the Sid Meier Bundle for $1. I didn't go for the $15 Bundle because Civilization 5 wasn't the Complete Version like 3 or 4. I'm kind of annoyed though since Civilization 4 wasn't an actual Complete Version. Instead it gave me all Civilization 4's DLC separately twice. Are the 3 extra Demo DLC or is Steam experiencing technical difficulties? And if they were Demo DLC why would I even need them since the other 3 wouldn't be Demo DLC of the same thing?


I'm uncertain if I'll ever buy Civilization 5 now. Granted maybe when they release Civilization 6. But even then would it do the same thing Civilization 4 did by being bundled together instead of an Actual Complete Version? Or maybe Civilization 5 is somehow complete now & I just missed out on getting it for $15?




The Indie Bundle that replaced it though didn't grab my interest. No Steam Keys & from more than one Publisher.




Also some time ago I got the Overlord Weekly Bundle. I hope I enjoy it but after looking at Zero Punctuation's Review of Overlord 2 it kinda looks bad. Then again Yahtzee didn't like Brutal Legend either. And the whole point to why I even bought the Overlord Bundle was because it reminded me of Brutal Legend.

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I think my issue with the Civilization games is the amount of time required to play them. I had the hardest time dedicating time to playing KOTOR and it took me 5 months to beat it. If each Civilization game takes 30+ hours to beat, I know I'll never get around to playing and enjoying them.


And I don't know why Humble Bundle doesn't show the current indie bundle as having steam keys or having the little steam icon like they usually do. All the games are redeemable on steam.



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Meh, the only game I want is Dust out of this bundle. I don't want the other games and sadly won't drop a dollar on it for one game I want and 3 I don't want. Plus I'm already blowing money on Strider (not really blowing, I really want it) and I bought the Sid Meier pack last time around (and paid $15, only because it was cheaper to get the Brave New World expansion that way then buying it out right (yes I had already bought Civ 5 and the Gods and Kings expansion well before).


I don't honestly know how long an actual scenario take to play but playing just a random set-up game with 12 other AI civs takes roughly 5-6 hours to play (shorter then that in BNW with the new Culture Victory (I can usually win in 3 hours and before the 1900's, however this is playing a mod Civ called the Ancients that are OP)) if you know what your doing. The first game I played took 9 hours total to beat as I had to learn all the new crap they added (I never played 4, reason why I bought the pack was so I could get it and play it) since Civ 3. A great game and it's not like you have to invest more then your willing to in a match (you can save). Definitely not for those who don't have the patience for long-term strategy games or politics.

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I'll put my two cents in and say that Dust is amazing... This bundle is worth getting just for it. I don't regret paying what I did for it, and I pray for its continual support. I want to see more dust games.

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