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Battlefield 4 Second Assault Levolution Revealed!

  • Here is your Trailer for BF4 Second Assault which will be available for Xbox One at Launch, and later on other platforms. Second Assault features BF3 maps with sleeker visuals and new Levolution events.

Wow the sand storm on Oman is going to be crazy... Parcel Storm's rain levolution is awesome with turtles, it really sounds authentic how the rain hits the ground and your head. I can only imagine what Oman holds. I watched some Live Stream of Metro last night... although I don't like the map, I did look a lot better visually. The roof caving in is going to be interesting. I wonder if they will add choppers for this... at least a little bird for each team.

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*triple posts*


Here is a good link explaining the perks commanders get depending on what flags are controlled on a map in conquest:


It sounds like different maps have the perks on different flags, but the more neutral middle flags are the more powerful ones. C is usually a gunship and D is the missile strike.


Heres another link showing how many points you get depending on what you do as commander:


I've never been killed by a missile strike and now I realize its probably because whenever I get an Evacuation order on my screen I leave the area. A good commander will only use the EVAC order if an enemy commander's missile strike is inbound for that area. Thats good to know.

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