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Dragonball Z: Battle of Gods

  • 61 Million fans cant be wrong! Here is the trailer for the US limited theatrical release of DBZ: Battle of Gods.

I don't care what you traditionalists say... The dub is way better than subbed girly Goku voice.

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Goku vs. Purple Anubis Looking Thing.
I'm pretty certain Goku wins.
Unless they're planning to make Dragon Ball GT non-cannon.
Still now I want to see Rule 63 of that Purple Anubis Looking Thing.

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I have a feeling that this movie was made to turn Goku into a god so that it'll restart the entire Goku vs. Superman debate. :P

I actually looked up Goku's "God Mode" & it happens before he becomes extremely pink with a tail. So no, Goku still can't beat Superman.

I also found Rule 63 of Bills / Beerus, but I can't show that due to breasts. So here's an image of him that at least made me laugh.



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